Later today.

At the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Blanchardstown, Dublin.

Ireland’s greatest ever running athlete Sonia O’Sullivan, who turns 50 today, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Irish Life Health Athletics Awards.

Chairman and CEO of Savvy Sports Management and former Ireland international race walker Pierce O’Callaghan has usefully tweeted every race, medal, international cap won by Sonia between 1985 and 2015 here.

In fairness.

Pic: Inpho Photography

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18 thoughts on “Any Given Runday

  1. Bud Flanagan

    Inducted into a Hall of Fame when you’re most famous for not winning ?
    Way to go Ireland.
    Keep celebrating losers.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      World Champion, multiple European Champion and multiple World Cross Country Champion.

      Thanks Sonia.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      is she famous for not winning 3 euro championship gold medals in 1994 and 1998? or the gold in the world championships in 1995? or two gold medals in the world CC championships in 1998? or gold in the world cup in 1998?

      oh dear

      1. V

        and those Cross Countrys’ were vicious savage hard baring runs too

        more like a marathon steeplechase

        Yeah, I’ve you right alright Bud
        A Tourettes riddled Michael Gove

        And something else about Sonja btw
        she always fought back from a sloppy loss or injury
        and has – had now I suppose, enormous self-motivation
        In fact its that self-motivation that I admire her the most for

        and for being from Cork like

        1. Brother Barnabas


          I’d include humility, sportsmanship and general decency too

          and by all accounts she’s a great mother as well

      2. Bud Flanagan

        The ultimate test of an athlete is the Olympic Games.
        It is what the true greats of the sport are judged by.
        It’s why they become famous.
        Hence why they have Halls of Fame.
        Although I would imagine Sonia would be able to run around the Irish Olympic Team’s Hall of Fame without bumping into anyone except a doping official holding a whiskey-smelling cup of pee.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          “The ultimate test of an athlete is the Olympic Games.
          It is what the true greats of the sport are judged by.”

          paula radcliffe – voted greatest british female athlete ever

          never won olympic gold


          1. martco

            oh go on, can’t resist…

            Bradley Wiggins

            most decorated British Olympian with 8 shiny medals

            and an unfortunate tendency to take stuff like Triamcinolone in order to win (all under a Therapeutic Use Exemption of course :) )


      3. martco

        @charger doesn’t know enough about Irish sport to get into that level of detail BB

        maybe it’s the many many times the BBC have confused Irish athletes for British ones when they are winning things that’s confused him a bit, who knows

        oh, and I think we’ll avoid getting into the lengthy list of British athletes who’ve been caught enhancing & abusing the old physiology, wha? or that the Olympics are the gold standard for judging athleticism. else we’d be here all day long.

        ps. @Bud Flanagan or whatever. why do you change your username so much? what do you get out of that exactly? it’s silly. why not just append a number everytime you have pick a new one to post stuff?

  2. Bud Flanagan

    The only people inducted into an FAI Hall of Fame would be John Delaney for proving you can fool all of the people all the time.
    And the entire 33rd Team for services to international hilarity.
    And the most successful Irish manager.
    An Englishman.
    What a Hall of Fame that would be.

    ( Jesus Christ,I’ve just checked.There really is an FAI Hall of Fame.Surely a Toilet Cubicle of Fame would be large enough )

    1. Bud Flanagan

      And surely the first person since Jesus Christ to rise from the dead – Stephen Ireland’s granny – should merit a place ?

  3. Bud Flanagan

    And Jack Charlton doesn’t get into it.
    But the 1999 winners were the team who beat England half a century earlier.
    Oh mercy, the FAI are great for the lolz.

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