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Thanks Brother – Call It Love

Looks like Tony Bennett wasn’t the only one who left his heart in San Francisco.

The new song from Roisin O (top left) and John Broe (top right) aka Thanks Brother is a love-gone-wrong tale with a video shot while on tour in the US including panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the shining West Coast city by the bay.

Call It Love features on the duo’s new debut EP.

You can catch them live tomorrow night in Dundalk’s Spirit Store with Ham Sandwich; in Galway’s Roisin Dubh on December 5; and supporting The Coronas in Killarney INEC on December 29.

Nick says: Thanks, Thanks Brother.

Thanks Brother

Pic: Miguel Ruiz

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2 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Verbatim

    I like the way they play with the words, it’s kind of mesmerizing and keeps you right till the end.

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