Escape To Victory


The votes are in.

Yesterday, with a pair of ODEON tickets on offer, we asked you to name your favorite Xmas movie released this century and why.

You answered in your tens,

But there could be only one winner

Third Place:

Polar Express (2004)

Liam Deliverance writes:

It’s probably a difficult genre to pull off, Christmas means a lot of different things to different people. I’d imagine that to make a new Christmas movie set in modern times must be harder still with all the consumerism and other stresses and pressures.

Polar Express was written in 1985 by Chris Van Allsburg, it might make a nice present for some young man or lady? A simple plot full of magic, adventure and visuals and well executed by director Robert Zemeckis with Tom Hanks playing the train conductor. Not a perfect film but it does manage to capture some of the spirit of Christmas….

Runner Up:

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Daisy Chainsaw writes:

The redemption of RDJ, and a career best from Val Kilmer…


In Bruges (2008)

Rosette of Sirius writes:

It only mentions Christmas a few times but it capture the darkness melancholy that so many people experience at this time of the year. But there’s also the morality behind the story that like all great Christmas stories proves nobody is beyond saving. Redemption for them all? No. But hope… just a little.

Thanks all.

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9 thoughts on “Escape To Victory

    1. Slightly Bemused

      They will get in touch by email and make arrangements.

      Just for fun, do tell us what you go to see :)

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        Well. It’s most unlikely that I will be able to make it to the cinema this season. With family commitments, travels for business and pleasure and catching up with my friends, may I request that my winnings are passed on to Mademoiselle Chainsaw.

        A worthy recipient as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a great movie. I will say however my favorite Shane Black movie is Long Kiss Goodnight (of which he wrote) albeit for sentimental reasons.

        FWIW, the movies that I want to see this season are not terribly noteworthy – well save for one.

        The new Star Wars flick – for no other reason than closure. The end. But then….., Disney wan*ers. So who know? Episode X, XI & XII anyone?!

        Ford Vs Ferrari if it’s still on screen. I love automotive engineering and cars specifically. I know. I get it. Not terribly cool. I do however have an EV in the house. But I’m not sorry nor will I apologize. I’ve always loved this story.

        What I am interested in the season may not be deemed mainstream cinema. Well one at least. Uncut Gems intrigues me. Adam Sandler stars. Keep an open mind. Other is coincidentally named Richard Jewell from old man shouting at cloud Clint Eastwood.

        Anyways. Enough of my ramblings.

        Give my tickets to Daisy!

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