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    1. GiggidyGoo

      FG don’t do embarrassment.
      Varadkar and Coveney down in Wexford canvassing for Murphy, and her director of elections speeding down from the RTE studio to be beside her for the count.
      Notably, all of her large (12’ x 4’) posters have already been removed and most of her smaller ones too from the roadsides around Wexford. There was a big spend by FG on her. FG don’t really know what to do now. She polled well on the racism ticket. Kehoe is under pressure locally anyway, having barely scraped in last time. Murphy probably has a better chance to secure the seat that Kehoe would almost definitely lose next time round. Decisions, decisions.

    2. :-Joe

      I wouldn’t waste your precious time…

      The government don’t care and after the next election cycle it will be the other half of the F-f/g duopoly doing exactly the same, awaiting another temporary takeover from the other half as it’s forever been before…

      The current half of the scam establishment government has got a lot of leeway to act and look even worse as the other half lowered the bar so far with their excessive corruption, bank bailouts and austerity the last time they were in control.

      Vote them out or at least help to diminish their corrupt duopoly and force them to act as the single corrupt party that they actually are.


      1. bisted

        …of all the betrayals that the labour party under Gilmore were guilty of, the worst will be deemed to be their rush into coalition with FG in exchange for pensions and portfolios…they could have forced the end of the FFG duopoly had they refused to prop up FG…

        1. :-Joe

          +100% – Straight from the Blairite playbook…

          & The basturds convinced me to vote for them at the time too… never again since, unless a strategic vote is necessary and not until they get rid of Howlin and the like of Moany f-ing Joan etc. f-ing arrogant greedy hypocrites the lot of them…


          1. bisted

            …worse than that, I worked for them and was taken in by their empty rhetoric…never again under any circumstances…glad to see ‘friend of israel’ Tuffy did so badly in the West Dublin…

          2. :-Joe

            I don’t know much about Joanna Tuffy or about many of their current candidates because with Howlin at the helm they are lost at sea… and need to be skuperred and rebuilt.

            Anyone supporting or apologising for Israeli state zionist apartheid genocide in 2019 is just a deluded eejit… no matter what else they say or do. It’s the equivalent of investing your time and efforts propping up, maintaining and fixing a structure built on slowly moving quicksand… Beyond daft.

            I once had the impression that Aodhán Ó Ríordáin was a sensible possble successor but I’d be worried about his facederp and storyful(of S..) connections.. and I think it will have to be someone more radical maybe from a workers union backround.

            I think when(if) Corbyn gets elected a credible anti-austerity condidate will emerge from somewhere and hopefully unite the so-called “left” a.k.a Social Democracy and Human Rights.

            Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clue who else off the top of my head?..


          3. :-Joe

            I’d rather see social democracy and human rights unite without the Labour party, though I can’t see that happening anytime soon..


  1. The Dude

    So that’s a no vote for xenophobia in 3 different constituencies then, Katie Hopkins wannabes kindly note.

    The Road Hauliers have had colorful leadership, such as the lad who resigned after a RTE Primetime probe https://www.rte.ie/news/2008/1202/111192-hauliers/

    Hopefully Verona’s campaign agreed royalties with 80’s band Survivor before using their song. The opening line of text in the video projects her message perfectly ‘After a week of character assassination…’

    First the persecution of Swing Girl, and now poor Verona. You would almost feel sympathy for Verruca.

    1. some old queen

      Xenophobia- aren’t labels great? Slap one on someone who says something you don’t like– dumb it down to a single label then shout ‘talk to the hand’. Demand silence, by law if necessary- pitchforks at the ready. A couple of by-elections or even a general proves nothing,

      My preference would be to see a rise of the Irish left but this obsession with correct speak and labels means that it is going to come from the right. I’ve said it before- it’s like they have swapped clothes- since when did democratic debate become a right wing thing?

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        If you wander too far from the center both sides become more authoritative and seek to suppress decent.

        Recently identity politics has poisoned the center left into something that is quick to accuse anyone that does not fully subscribe to their world view. You are either with them or against them, there is no middle ground, no nuance.

        1. some old queen

          Comedian Tom Walker AKA Jonathan Pie has some interesting things to say on that subject- being interviewed here by Krishnan Guru-Murthy- 40 minutes long- I am working my way through Krishnan ‘s interviews- he has a super interviewing style, really lets people get their points across.


    2. Fearganainm

      “After a week of character assassination” – that pathetic piece of spin alone underlines her refusal to accept personal responsibility for her own demented remarks which drew predictable criticism.

      “Just because I sent a few notes about cutting up whores people think that they’ve the right to brand me as a bloodthirsty maniac. As if I did nothing else with my life! It’s ridiculous how some odious things that I once wrote are taken as capable of defining my character!” sulked Mr. Jack the Ripper.

    1. delacaravanio

      I think it’s bizarre to blame the “crew being at risk of fatigue” or management when the issue was clearly that the maps didn’t have the particular island on it. Simple as.

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        It isn’t bizarre, it is a disgusting and desperate attempt to shift some blame onto those who died

        1. Cú Chulainn

          ‘At risk of fatigue’ – what a truly nasty way to include the concept in to the debate without actually saying it. They either were or they were not. A great big Island wasn’t on their map and their satellite mapping wasn’t working or wasn’t fit for purpose. RIP a brave crew. They deserve much better, and so do we.

      2. Cian

        Another example of waste by the State. Spending tens of thousands on “experts” to look at the “evidence”. And all they needed to do was ask delacaravanio.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Cian – did you read the report of the newspaper above properly?
          Many facts were mentioned.
          If fatigue is actually mentioned in the report…..
          Fatigue wasn’t a fact. It was a guess and unless there was actual evidence of fatigue directly relevant to the accident, it shouldn’t appear in the report.

  2. some old queen

    Looks like Johnson was personally involved in the release of the London bridge killer- or at least the refusal to fund his rehabilitation- not a great look. The parole board wasn’t even involved? It is kind of scary that these sorts of ideologies needs deprogrammed mind- that people can get so far in that they become killing machines. It is not just Islam of course- Christchurch type things are the same.

    Meanwhile it looks like Corbyn is about to put his foot in it- not the time to be blaming Blair Jeremy.

    1. :-Joe

      Blair, by any rational understanding and application of international law and human rights and also if you applied the hypothetical scenario of putting him in the Nurenburg Trials then he would already be convicted as a war criminal. along with Bush, Cheney etc and many many others.. including the clintons and Obama.

      Somehow based on his record, I doubt Corbyn would allow himself to steep so low but nothing would suprise me when it comes to politics..


  3. martco

    TK1975 just landed into Dublin. I do hope the food & in flight entertainment were up to scratch…only the best for our passport holders, wha?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Picture of a person with the head completely covered (with a blanket as distinct from clothing)being ‘escorted’ off the plane. Why would that be now, seeing as Smith’s photograph is all over the media for months now?
      Weather too cold perhaps.

      1. martco

        like yourself I have no idea.

        she was identified & spoken with on the flight by various people…it’s her for sure.

        I just can’t wait to see what happens when she strolls into the local mosque for a bit of worship….presumably all the migrants who desperately ran for their lives away from the likes of Lisa Smith will forgive & forget give her an oul hug, will all be grand.

        going to the max to repatriate Lisa Smith whilst simultaneously voting to let people running away from her ilk drown in the Med. lol

  4. :-Joe

    If accurate, the front page of the independent says it all… but will the mainstream media tell an unbiased and un-muddied truth?

    As the other papers show Kevin(If his parents stayed in Europe) from Home Alone is already on the offensive claiming that it is disgaceful, Labour are to blame for this and that before and I was just the Mayor and had no idea in the past decade etc etc.

    If previous Labour policy had anything to answer for and that accusations of bad policy making were true. Remember that Blair was a wannabe tory thatcherite in disguise and Corbyn has spent the last few years ridding the party of them all to return to it’s true values of workers rights and solifdarity with the public.

    Even the parents of the murdered victim have called for calm on any rush for immediate action, increased sentencing or a knee-jerk reaction that would make the issues even worse. Fair play for their ability to see sense and have the backbone and strength to stand for their beliefs and the belief of their son.

    If you allow your leaders to indescriminately bomb brown people in the middle east then surprise, surprise.. what else exactly did you think was eventually going to happen?


    1. :-Joe

      Corbyn marched against the war.. for what it was worth… and for many other anti-war, arms dealing, nuclear weapons proliferation and human rights causes over decades to bring about peace and reconciliation.

      Kevin(If his parents stayed in the EU) from Home Alone?.. Any idea what he and the rest of his ilk were doing?..


        1. :-Joe

          lol.. Really, that’s interesting?.. By any chance are you and Bud living on and running a spam farm together? -with or without funding and support from Broadsheet.

          You’re the other clueless bot algorithim we all love hearing from, spouting out casual anti-semetism smears and repeating lies and propagandawhile ignoring the truth and facts entirely..

          Like Bud in the other room next to you, I think you’re upset because Corbyn is the better choice for human rights in the western world and it looks like he’ll win.

          I wouldn’t feel bad about it though. Over 75% of the time the governments in the west are run by right wing, morally conservative, greedy and crooked extremists.

          It will only motivate your masters and your ilk. Before you know it, you’ll all be back in full force, punishing and killing the poor for obscene profits for the 1% in no time, mark my words. -I hope you get paid for it, so it’s worth your while.


    1. Brother Barnabas

      its comments like this that lead people to believe you’re a xenophobic little silly with issues

      why do you bring spending on DP into a comment about health spending cuts?

      and the old “looking after our own” angle – the favourite go-to of every closet racist

      1. GiggidyGoo

        I really have no time for people like yourself that freely admit they would have no problem doing something illegal.

        1. Cian

          It’s funny how you are happy to engage with other posters until you are losing the argument and then all of a sudden you bail out because they ‘suddenly’ aren’t worth engaging with.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Funny how you think I’m losing the argument, when I point out – correctly – BBs penchant for illegality. Not that such a penchant would bother FG mind you. Hence where your comment comes from.
            Funny too, that your comment (as usual) is on me rather than the subject matter. Your own little bail out as usual Cian.
            Do yourself and BB not realise that when money is allocated to one section of state funds, money is taken from another? Or are you not familiar with that?
            Pointing it out is somehow wrong is it?

            Funny also that each of the replies to my comment don’t address the other areas I mentioned?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Yes Janet.
        And your comment yesterday on Lisa Smith was “I’d leave her there to rot quiet frankly”.
        So not an awful lot of sympathy there for s fellow human Janet.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          pfff, non belief in tribalism has nothing to do with letting that woman rot,
          I’m not away with the fairies, she’s proved her ilk and her ilk killed my friends,
          I don’t judge others despite this pain based on some weird idea of other,
          hope that’s not too nuanced ;)

          1. GiggidyGoo

            But “we are all humans” didnt you say, as some sort of back up to your tribalism argument?
            “Their ilk”?
            Can we all pick and choose to suit our arguments then?
            We are all humans but some are less human than others? Nuanced?

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            you are really not this silly are you,
            I’m saying I’m judging on actions as apposed to judging on where she is from, I’m judging on what she has done,
            can’t be clearer than that Giddy,
            good humans and bad humans exist, yes all human, no not all deserving I’ll placed empathy,
            FOR ME THERE IS NO “OUR OWN” based on an accident of birth
            two separate issues

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I sadly concur, I’m too tired, and I fought the good fight with myself at one dark stage not to blame and fear everyone for some fools actions who took people I love away in the worst possible way,
            it fecks me right off to see people with no reason except lack of education and interaction to be racists dopes,
            peace out brother

          4. Nigel

            Wow, Giggy got you there, Janet. Thinking people who do bad things are bad and people who do good things are good is picking and choosing. Oh God I can’t even work up the enthusiasm to be sarcastic. What a tedious loudmouth-at-the-end-of-the-bar bore.

          5. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Nige that’s not what I said…at all
            Giddy is trying to say that when I define tribalism as racism and dispare at the use of the other as a reason not to look after “foreigners” …Giddy has form btw
            that seems to mean I can’t say I don’t have empathy for one particular person who’s actions speak for themselves,
            sorry if you find that boring, I was trying to spell that out for Giddy who was willfully misinterpreting what I said
            seems to be a theme tonight…

          6. Nigel

            Oh, I know, Janet, my sarcasm really failed me there, such as it was. Giggy’s the bore, not you. ‘Oh so you want to be empathetic towards immigrants but not someone involved with a terrorist organisation? Checkmate!’ Twit.

          7. GiggidyGoo

            After y’all have your love-in…..The only form here folks is
            BB – by his own admission would have no problem engaging in illegalities.
            Janet – the same admission. (yes I remember). And by the way, your problem with Lisa Smith is what – something her ilk did to YOUR OWN. Yet you say that for you there is no ‘OUR OWN’. Basically Janet, you’re talking rot.
            Nigel – the usual form, and from the same mould as BB whose contributions are ‘attack the poster’ with nothing of substance to contribute.

            And not one of you actually addresses the point being made regarding taking care of our own nationals with state funds. Instead the usual assumption and crying ‘racist’ is the run-to safety net. Could it be that the racists are yourselves, and your method of denial is to label anyone that you don’t agree with one? Sure looks like it.

            That’s form.

          8. Janet, I ate my avatar

            something her ilk did…
            is something people who share her ideology,
            the something…is to shoot them at a concert or stab them on a night out in London,
            MY OWN here being people I loved, not one of which was Irish but sprinkled from different flavors of humanity,
            humanity..look that word up

          9. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I’ll here does not apply to race
            neither does my own, which by the way is not my phrase ..it’s yours,
            one of those people was a mixed race Scot who was dedicating his life to education especially the under privileged, it’s more of his kind that we need in this world with open hearts not more of this inward looking nonsense,
            anyone who distrusts someone based on the colour of their skin should be ashamed of themselves

          10. Janet, I ate my avatar

            it IS possible to take care of people and need and Irish Nationals, it’s not an Us or them situation,
            it would be possible under proper management of funds instead of being fecked over by the Irish shower who are running this country into the ground with their short sightedness and greed

          11. GiggidyGoo

            “It is possible to take care of people and need and Irish nationals”. Are you finally realizing that my post isn’t racist but pointing out that Irish nationals are being overlooked in the housing, health and other stakes?
            If it’s possible, but it’s not being done, then that cements my argument (which isn’t one based on race but on equality of need in this country) that this government would place groups financially-wise above others. Dilly, BAM, DP Centres but 10,000 homeless and children eating their meals while sitting on a pavement.
            Telling isn’t it that of all the replies to my original post, not one of you addressed those scandals.
            Nor did anyone of you address the scandal outlined in the link, but all managed to attack the poster with the usual venom.

            Closet racism. About time a lot of people on here grew up.

          12. Janet, I ate my avatar

            those issues are because the country is badly run,
            it is not because of emigration or asylum seekers,
            they are a drop in the ocean,
            the roots of these problems are mismanagement and corruption,
            we can look after humans …homeless hungry humans regardless of where they come from if we sort out our government,
            come to that the Catholic Church have plenty of buildings they could donate back to the nation they scabbed it off

          13. GiggidyGoo

            When you see €70m being returned by Zappone unused, but not diverted elsewhere, or the billions going out on the NCH and Broadband, millions going out on crowd control barriers (Actavo involved in all of those mentioned), then ‘badly run’ isn’t the correct choice of phrase. ‘Intentional’ is the correct word. And FG are absolutely noted for their distain of the ill, homeless, hungry

            At least you will argue a point of view Janet. Notably the others have high-tailed it. Back into their racist closets.

          14. Nigel

            The scandal of people being homeless is that they are homeless. It’s nothing to do with DP. That is a seperate scandal. The government can’t handle immigrants and homelessness, but getting rid of immigrants isn’t going to make them any better at handling homlessness. Whatever it is that’s going to make them able to handle things for one set of vulnerable people, it isn’t going to be the act of getting rid of services for other vulnerable people. Wasn’t that what austerity was, more or less?

          15. GiggidyGoo

            But Nigel, they can handle both. It’s funding. And when you see the way money seems to be no problem in particular directions alongside 70m being returned unused by Zappone, it’s clear there’s something not quite right.
            And I’m glad you commented on the substance of my post. Thank you.
            In my initial post there was no reference to DP taking money from elsewhere. I was making the point that there didn’t seem to be a problem with various areas the State place most importance on, and that this government have a tendency to ignore other pressing problems.

          16. Cian

            “I was making the point that there didn’t seem to be a problem with various areas the State place most importance on, and that this government have a tendency to ignore other pressing problems.”

            But the data doesn’t support this.
            The government spends €20,000+ million on healthcare last year.
            DP cost €78 million last year.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Really V? Really? Which sect? Dilly? FG? The people affected as mentioned in the link? Which sect?
        How sectarian is for you to try defend sectarianism against Irish people, by Irish like yourself?

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Plus I see you’ve gone into assumption mode. You’re some FGer alright – oh look – I’ve gone into assumption mode.

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