Anything Good On The Irish Examiner Website?


Dublin Rental Watch tweetz:

A €1,200pm studio found on the Irish Examiner [website]. A studio to the rear of 32 Church Road [East Wall, Dublin 3]. There is no cooking facilities bar a microwave. This property as photographed would not meet many of the Minimum Standard Requirements.

Church Road, East Wall, Dublin 3€1,200 / month (Irish Examiner)

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2 thoughts on “Anything Good On The Irish Examiner Website?

  1. missred

    That’s odd, I unsuccessfully applied to rent number 32 a few years ago through a letting agent who are held to higher standards than just a house owner….

  2. Dr.Fart

    there are no measurments in place to prevent or regulate this. and the majority of parliament agreed last night that they are happy with this. we need change. so so badly.

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