Farmers hold protest outside Lidl distribution centre in Ballyhea, Co Cork

This morning.

Outside a Lidl distribution centre in Charleville Ballyhea, Co Cork.

Farmers and members of the Irish Farmers’ Association began a 12-hour protest over beef prices at 7am.

This is the second such protest this week, following a similar protest at an Aldi distribution centre in Naas, Co Kildare, yesterday.

IFA protest at Charleville: ‘This will go on until beef prices rise’ (Hannah Quinn Mulligan, Farmers Journal)

Further protest over beef prices as Lidl centre in Co Cork blockaded (RTE)

Beef Plan calls IFA protest ‘regrettable’ (Hannah Quinn Mulligan, Farmers Journal)

Pics: Harold Kingston and Hannah Quinn Mulligan

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5 thoughts on “Beefing Up

      1. Mr. Camomile T

        The IFA isn’t blockading the slaughterhouses because it is in the pocket of the beef barons.

        Other farmer protests, independent of the IFA, have targeted the slaughterhouses and the Department of Agriculture.

        The IFA is now trying to save face by mounting blockades of the German multiples who, in terms of connections with the establishment, are the softest of targets for the IFA.

        The IFA doesn’t really represent farmers, it is just a lobbying tool for the big producers in the meat and dairy industry. Farmers are beginning to realise this.

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