“Continuing Grant Of €16.8million Is No Longer Acceptable”


Greyhounds seized by Revenue officers at Dublin Port last weekend


The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced it was caring for 12 greyhounds which were seized by Revenue officers at Dublin Port last weekend.

They wrote:

The dogs were being transported in a Spanish registered vehicle in cramped conditions with cages stacked on top of each other or piled with other boxed goods.

They were being transported two dogs to a cage and three of the cages were not accessible without unloading the rest of the vehicle.

Ten of the greyhounds were wearing muzzles. They had no access to food or water and it is estimated that they would have been in transit for over 24 hours before arriving at their Spanish destination.

Following examination by DSPCA Veterinary Staff, several of the dogs were found to have minor injuries and elevated body temperatures and all of the dogs were showing signs of dehydration.

Paperwork accompanying the dogs show that all dogs are registered with the Irish Greyhound Stud Book and originate from dog trainers in Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Wexford.

Records also show that nine of the 12 dogs have raced in the last month, one raced last in 2016 and two have no race records recorded.

The DSPCA are appalled by the barbaric treatment of these animals despite the revelations seen in RTE’s Prime Time program “Greyhounds Running for their Lives” and the assurances given by the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB), since the Prime Time programme, that measures were being taken to address Animal welfare issues in their industry.

“This seizure flies in the face of the illusion being created by IGB that animal welfare is being taken seriously. The continuing grant of €16.8 million of taxpayers’ money is no longer acceptable,” said DSPCA CEO Brian Gillen.

“The DSPCA are calling on Minister [for Agriculture Michael] Creed to withdraw all funding allocation to the greyhound industry in Budget 2020.”

Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Investigations under way after caged greyhounds found at Dublin port (RTÉ)

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17 thoughts on ““Continuing Grant Of €16.8million Is No Longer Acceptable”

  1. GiggidyGoo

    This is nothing new. Spanish vans (same size as above)back in the 1980s exiting with 50+ greyhounds in them via Rosslare to Le Havre. (22 hr crossing, then another 12 to Spanish border.)

  2. Jake38

    Why on earth is the taxpayer funding a semi-state body (Board na gCon) to promote dogs running in a circle? Can someone justify this please?

        1. postmanpat

          just like the Late Late show, with Gaybo, Plank, Tubs and eventually the highly unlikeable just like Plank, but being-groomed anyway, D’Arcy. You see…. these “entertainment” institutions should pay for themselves or fail , as we all know but they get extra boost from politicians… using public money… so that it creates a sense of national stability. It makes the public feel safe and happy and happy means spending money (or credit if you have none). The losers of course are the public , buy try telling them that on a work do at Shelbourne while rosey cheeked on booze (at 6 euro a watered down pint) singing fairytale of New York. We are insects. Even if this animal cruelty story puts off everyone from the track this x-mas the powers that be will just sub their losses with extra funding next year. we are a corrupt little country experiencing the paper Celtic tiger 2.0.

          1. Ambivalent Gendered Brit

            Pp, I watched that lls with Shane MacGowan yesterday despite my own best instincts. It felt like watching the death of a civilisation. An evil bat-like gurning overlord attempts to brainwash a whole generation of people into thinking it was some kind of important public interest exercise . To be fair to Shane he came off well out of it as he was unable to conform to any sort of notion of how to lick arse with Tubridy, every attempt for Ryan to do so was batted right back in his face and yet he wasn’t deterred. The whole edifice needs to be shut down and start over

  3. John Fitzgerald

    This development comes hot on the heels of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s rejection of the Irish Greyhound Board’s much hyped complaint regarding the RTE Investigates programme ‘Greyhounds: Running For Their Lives’, broadcast last June.

    This represents a significant blow to the credibility of the embattled and utterly discredited greyhound industry, which suffered a severe PR reversal in the wake of the RTE documentary exposing malpractice in the industry: Shooting and dumping of unwanted greyhounds, massive over-breeding of dogs, widespread doping, export to jurisdictions where the dogs are skinned or boiled alive for the meat markets…and the involvement of senior coursing officials in illegal and “unregulated” coursing events on Whiddy Island.

    Since the programme was screened, attendances at greyhound racing tracks nationwide have been down by about 20%, and several key sponsors of the “sport”, including Barry’s Tea and a major pet food company, have withdrawn support. And in the past few days, the IGB confirmed that at least four tracks will close shortly.

    While hare coursing, in which live hares are subjected to contrived chases, mauling, and unnaturally high stress levels, and have their bones crushed by dogs, is the most cruel practice within the industry, the well-documented ill-treatment of greyhounds has become a huge issue among animal welfare groups and the wider public, and the continued subsidizing of the industry by the State to the tune of around 16 million euro per annum, cannot any longer be justified. The seizure of the 12 dogs at Dublin Ports is another reminder of that. Nine of them had run at races in just in the past month.

    The rejection of the IGB’s complaint against the RTE documentary is a well-deserved kick in the teeth to an industry that is unworthy of public support, steeped as it is in cruelty and corruption. The sooner it sinks into the deepest pit of ruination, the better for greyhounds and hares alike.

    Its demise will enable hares to run free in our countywide as nature intended and greyhounds to live out their short lives in back gardens or in loving homes…far removed from the hell on earth that is the Irish greyhound industry.

  4. John G

    Why is there never any arrests/detention announced along with these cases? Surely the driver must be in custody pending the investigation or something?? If they’re Spanish, is that too much hassle because they’d have to be released pending an investigation and the lads do a legger back to Spain where they can’t be touched, so the Gardai don’t even bother? That’s speculation, I just find it weird that they never make any arrests for obvious animal cruelty and illegal transport.

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