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DSPCA Vet Elise Byrne White with unnamed pooch


This morning.

Gavin White writes:

The DSPCA is urging pet owners to engage in their training services to encourage responsible pet ownership as they have revealed 70% of all the dogs surrendered to DSPCA have behaviour issues that could have been solved if the owners took actions earlier.

With January as National Train Your Dog Month, the DSPCA Dog Training Academy have resumed in person training classes both group and one on one sessions so pet owners can learn how to work with their pets for responsible ownership.

Having a well behaved dog is not only part of being a responsible pet owner but also can be fun for all the family. Issues such as toilet training, play biting, addition of new a baby, food aggression etc. are commonly seen by the Dog Training Team. The new push from the DSPCA is targeting older pets as well as new pets received over Christmas as they are experiencing issues from all types.



Pic: Conor McCabe

Timid Staffie ‘Skye’


Looking for a pet?

DSPCA write:

This little stray of sunshine is Skye. She came to the DSPCA from another veterinary clinic after she was found as a stray. She some cuts and bruises and her skin was in very poor condition. Thankfully she has recovered well and is feeling so much better now. She is ready to find a loving home (see below)…

She has made friends with one or 2 dogs here in the shelter however she is best as the only dog in her new home. She can be a little nervous at meeting new people so soon settles. She doesn’t like to be left alone for too long so her new home should have someone around a lot and help her to build up her confidence in being alone a little longer – this can be achieved in baby steps over a period of time.

She is a very sweet girl and will certainly bring lots of love to her new home.


Skye (DSPCA)



Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin.

Stephenenny writes:

Does anyone have room in their home for Heath? This poor guy has been at the DSPCA for over a year!

They’re brilliant but it’s not a home for a dog. I’d have taken him home by now but he needs to be the only dog in the home.

Please please consider rescuing this gorgeous man!

How gorgeous?

Any takers?

Heath (DSPCA)

Thanks Breeda

Greyhounds seized by Revenue officers at Dublin Port last weekend


The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced it was caring for 12 greyhounds which were seized by Revenue officers at Dublin Port last weekend.

They wrote:

The dogs were being transported in a Spanish registered vehicle in cramped conditions with cages stacked on top of each other or piled with other boxed goods.

They were being transported two dogs to a cage and three of the cages were not accessible without unloading the rest of the vehicle.

Ten of the greyhounds were wearing muzzles. They had no access to food or water and it is estimated that they would have been in transit for over 24 hours before arriving at their Spanish destination.

Following examination by DSPCA Veterinary Staff, several of the dogs were found to have minor injuries and elevated body temperatures and all of the dogs were showing signs of dehydration.

Paperwork accompanying the dogs show that all dogs are registered with the Irish Greyhound Stud Book and originate from dog trainers in Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Wexford.

Records also show that nine of the 12 dogs have raced in the last month, one raced last in 2016 and two have no race records recorded.

The DSPCA are appalled by the barbaric treatment of these animals despite the revelations seen in RTE’s Prime Time program “Greyhounds Running for their Lives” and the assurances given by the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB), since the Prime Time programme, that measures were being taken to address Animal welfare issues in their industry.

“This seizure flies in the face of the illusion being created by IGB that animal welfare is being taken seriously. The continuing grant of €16.8 million of taxpayers’ money is no longer acceptable,” said DSPCA CEO Brian Gillen.

“The DSPCA are calling on Minister [for Agriculture Michael] Creed to withdraw all funding allocation to the greyhound industry in Budget 2020.”

Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Investigations under way after caged greyhounds found at Dublin port (RTÉ)

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Dublin SPCA writes:

Hugo is a 1-2 year old Shepherd cross who came to the DSPCA [Rathfarnham, Dublin 14] in February of this year. He was found straying and in very bad condition. His emaciated body was covered in sores and his eye badly injured. He was petrified and we can only imagine the life he had led.

Our vet team tried to save his eye but sadly he had to lose it. After weeks of recovery he finally started to show us the wonderful dog that he is behind all that fear and worry.

Kennel life is very stressful on Hugo and he spends his time when in the kennel pacing up and down. Most potential adopters walk straight past without giving him a second glance and he tries his best to get their attention.

When he is out of the kennel in his playgroups and excersize time, he is like a different dog. All he wants is time with his favourite humans and dog pals. He has been on lots of hikes and has been so good and happy. Our mission this week is to find Hugo the home he really deserves.

We are asking for your help to do this by sharing this post so we can reach out to as many people as possible . If you are interested in meeting this lovely boy, get in touch with the adoptions team on 4994710 or adopt@dspca.ie


Dublin SPCA (Facebook)



You may recall the Spaniel/Sheepdog cross (above) found in the Donnybrook, Dublin 4 traffic.

Lucy Moylan writes:

Thank you for your help and to everyone who spread the message. Unfortunately we never found his original owner, but thankfully this isn’t one of the sad stories. The wonderful people at the DSPCA have found him a new home, and his new owners are picking him up tomorrow. We’ll never know his old name, but his new name is Zeke, which is pretty cool it has to be said. To infinity and beyond, little guy.

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“I love human interaction but I do play rough sometimes. Because of this I wouldn’t be suited to a home with small children or other pets. To put it simply: I need to be your one and only!”

A blunt appeal by ginger-splattered stray Frank at the Dublin SPCA last Summer.



[some time later]


This morning.

Dublin SPCA writes:

At last Frankie gets a home of his own [in Maynooth Co Kildare]. After waiting since last August, he has gone to a wonderful family. We will certainly miss this loveable rogue. Best of luck Frankie….

Dublin SPCA (Facebook)