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Dublin SPCA writes:

Hugo is a 1-2 year old Shepherd cross who came to the DSPCA [Rathfarnham, Dublin 14] in February of this year. He was found straying and in very bad condition. His emaciated body was covered in sores and his eye badly injured. He was petrified and we can only imagine the life he had led.

Our vet team tried to save his eye but sadly he had to lose it. After weeks of recovery he finally started to show us the wonderful dog that he is behind all that fear and worry.

Kennel life is very stressful on Hugo and he spends his time when in the kennel pacing up and down. Most potential adopters walk straight past without giving him a second glance and he tries his best to get their attention.

When he is out of the kennel in his playgroups and excersize time, he is like a different dog. All he wants is time with his favourite humans and dog pals. He has been on lots of hikes and has been so good and happy. Our mission this week is to find Hugo the home he really deserves.

We are asking for your help to do this by sharing this post so we can reach out to as many people as possible . If you are interested in meeting this lovely boy, get in touch with the adoptions team on 4994710 or adopt@dspca.ie


Dublin SPCA (Facebook)



You may recall the Spaniel/Sheepdog cross (above) found in the Donnybrook, Dublin 4 traffic.

Lucy Moylan writes:

Thank you for your help and to everyone who spread the message. Unfortunately we never found his original owner, but thankfully this isn’t one of the sad stories. The wonderful people at the DSPCA have found him a new home, and his new owners are picking him up tomorrow. We’ll never know his old name, but his new name is Zeke, which is pretty cool it has to be said. To infinity and beyond, little guy.

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“I love human interaction but I do play rough sometimes. Because of this I wouldn’t be suited to a home with small children or other pets. To put it simply: I need to be your one and only!”

A blunt appeal by ginger-splattered stray Frank at the Dublin SPCA last Summer.



[some time later]


This morning.

Dublin SPCA writes:

At last Frankie gets a home of his own [in Maynooth Co Kildare]. After waiting since last August, he has gone to a wonderful family. We will certainly miss this loveable rogue. Best of luck Frankie….

Dublin SPCA (Facebook)



Available now to adopt.

Dublin SPCA writes:

“Harvard is a young Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig. He is an extremely friendly fella who loves a good old scratch! Pot Bellied Pigs make lovely pets but they do require some specialised care. If you are interested in adopting Harvard or one of our other pigs [see link below] please call up to the shelter [Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Co Dublin] and speak with PJ Doyle….”

No messers.

Dublin SPCA



Lost his front right leg after being struck by a car.

Available NOW for adoption with Dublin SPCA.

His foster mum sez:

“Don’t let the fact that Mauricio missing a limb fool you into thinking he’s not as active or able as other cats – he doesn’t seem to notice it missing at all and is the most agile cat and quickest climber I’ve seen in a long time.’

Mauricio (DPCA)


We promised to keep you up to date with developments concerning Lego the duck.

Lego was lightly crisped during an attempt by fiendish tykes to cook him on a “hot stove”.


Dublin SPCA write:

“Fantastic news! Lego our not so Little Duckling who came into us over a month ago went off to his new home on Saturday. Here’s a very cute video of him (above) having a paddle in the sun…”


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