Queen’s Coronation


Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

In a statement, Mrs Clinton said it was a “great privilege” to become the chancellor of QUB.

She takes up her role immediately and will serve for a period of five years.

The former First Lady succeeds Dr Tom Moran, who passed away last year, and becomes the first woman to take up the post.

Hillary Clinton appointed chancellor of Queen’s University, Belfast (BBC)

Pic: Queen’s

13 thoughts on “Queen’s Coronation

  1. pedeyw

    Fun fact: Tulsi Gabbard was born into an anti homosexual cult that she has never really disowned. From Wikipedia:
    ” At age 17, Gabbard worked for the Alliance for Traditional Marriage and Values, a political action committee her father founded in 1998, to pass an amendment giving the Hawaii state legislature the power to “reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples.” “

    1. pedeyw

      From the linked article:
      “While the role of chancellor is mainly a ceremonial one, securing Mrs Clinton will be seen as a coup for Queen’s. The chancellor often presides at graduation ceremonies and is also an ambassador for the university abroad.”

  2. Ron

    Political filth always look after their own. If ever there was an example of how focked up it all is then this would be it. No surprises it’s in Ireland!!!! Lol.

    What a corrupt kip of a country both north and south!

    1. :-Joe

      Ye, the clinton machine controls the democratic party and has all the power over the base and senior representatives(delegates / super delegates) who benifit massively or are just completely bought and sold from all the corrupt lobbying for millions every year.

      Although it’s clear and fair that Moore, the polemicist filmmaker has done some very good work, it also has to be said that politicaly he is a first-class eejit..

      Using his media presence, he practically begged people to vote for Clinton over Sanders with that stomach churning, vomit inducing bile of a propaganda film… about how great he believed she is or could be underneath it all.. if only people would trust her. Absolute garbage…

      He also carried out almost the same but inverted kind of eejitry before with that other sell-out clown Bill Maher when they both tried very hard to pin the blame, potential and eventual loss off the election on Ralph Nader if he didn’t step down from the race. Disgraceful stuff.. from two dispicable eejits.. who preach democracy but have no spine for honesty, truth and reality.

      Noam Chomsky was asked who would you vote for in ‘murica and later again in all the recent UK elections.

      Sanders and Corbyn every time…. Just for basic fairness, not some extremist ideology.

      Trump has already won 2020 because the democrats can’t win with anyone but Sanders. As he will rattle the status quo on both sides of the duopoly and the oligarchy above it all, the clinton-ite controlled democrats of the DE-RP establishment (for lobbyiing by corporate and financial market interests) will not allow him even to be nominated.

      Status Quo, business as usual, “F” the poor, unfortunate and anyone outside the club as usual.

      If you’re in war criminal queens university, I would be worried about how you ended up there and what kind of education you’re getting from such a deluded supposedly academic institution.

      Shocking stuff… most likely the university was paid or bought off like in a recent episode of Veep.


  3. t.morrow

    Hillary SHOULD have been president, the Russians hacked into the electrical college and changed the result, and now we’re stuck with drumpf, brexit and boris johnson

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