Unauthorised Third Party Time


This afternoon.

Via Singapore’s The New Paper:

Victims would first receive a WhatsApp message from one of their contacts, whose account may have already been compromised.

The message will request for their WhatsApp account verification code, which is sent via SMS.

Once the code has been sent to the scammers, the user will lose access to his WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp users receive a verification code when they try to log in for the first time on a new device.

If a WhatsApp user receives this code while already logged in, then it might be that someone else is trying to access his account by inputting the user’s mobile number.

Police said in overseas cases, scammers used the compromised accounts to deceive the victim’s contacts into buying online gift cards, then sending over the password for the cards.

These cards would then be resold by the scammers for a profit.

WhatsApp scam could leave you locked out of account (TNP)

John Wiles writes:

Just been hit by this WhatsApp scam you might like to put a warning out…



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9 thoughts on “Unauthorised Third Party Time

  1. Ron

    I’d imagine there will be a lot of the irish on here that will get caught up in this scam. Anyone stupid enough to to fall for this should have their phone taken of them for their own protection.

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      My new year’s resolution prevents me from replying to this in the manner I’d most prefer.

      1. Proper Ronny Pizza

        It’s almost like Ron is calling all Irish people ‘stupid’… albeit it in his imagination.

        Charger is always well wide of the mark.
        Scottser hit a bullseye.

        Nice one!

  2. John Wiles

    The actual message that you get is “Hello, Look, if you got a 6-digit SMS message by mistake I just sent, you can copy the 6-digit and send it here urgent”

  3. Boj

    Hi Ron ya idiot (no offence). Are there any smart countries I could go to? My jaw is so dawed it hurts. You sound like a well travelled academic so I value your opinion very much.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      hear good things about Butan, but the Chinese will don’t fix that,
      New Zealand is nice, but they won’t let anyone stay…

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