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This afternoon.

Via Singapore’s The New Paper:

Victims would first receive a WhatsApp message from one of their contacts, whose account may have already been compromised.

The message will request for their WhatsApp account verification code, which is sent via SMS.

Once the code has been sent to the scammers, the user will lose access to his WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp users receive a verification code when they try to log in for the first time on a new device.

If a WhatsApp user receives this code while already logged in, then it might be that someone else is trying to access his account by inputting the user’s mobile number.

Police said in overseas cases, scammers used the compromised accounts to deceive the victim’s contacts into buying online gift cards, then sending over the password for the cards.

These cards would then be resold by the scammers for a profit.

WhatsApp scam could leave you locked out of account (TNP)

John Wiles writes:

Just been hit by this WhatsApp scam you might like to put a warning out…




From top: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar; Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin; Instructions via Whatsapp to Fine Gael staffers

“How can we trust Micheál Martin on health? He established the HSE.”

“Why should we trust FF? They destroyed the economy.”

“Will Bertie Ahern ever run for the Arás (sic) on the FF ticket?”

“Is the talent there on the FF frontbenchers (sic)? Outside of Micheál Martin and a handful of others you don’t have many household names.

“On housing Darragh O Brien (sic) constantly criticizes (sic) Eoghan Murphys (sic) background – is it right to always play the man and not the ball?”

“Are you feeling the pressure from your own backbenchers?”

“Why should we trust FF on housing?”

“Do FF have a clear, stated policy on personal taxation?”

Above are a series of suggested questions that were sent from Fine Gael’s digital team to party members last Thursday evening via WhatsApp.

Sunday Business Post journalist Hugh O’Connell reported yesterday that the Fine Gael members were instructed to send these questions – or reworded versions of them – into Newstalk during a live interview with Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin last Friday.

Mr O’Connell reported:

“Leaked WhatsApp messages seen by The Sunday Business Post show that dozens of Fine Gael staff and activists were told by the party’s digital team to reword suggested questions ‘in your own voice’ as ‘we don’t want to make it obvious it’s coming from us’.

“They were also told to avoid using email addresses with either Fine Gael or Young Fine Gael in them.”

Meanwhile, from the vaults

The Fine Gael online campaign team during the 2011 general election.

Good times.

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