The Grand Stretch Timetable


Table which includes predicted times of sunrise and sunset over the next month

Carlow Weather tweetz:

“Doesn’t it feel like the darkest morning ever? Dark clouds preventing any moon light makes it a dark morning but the good news is the stretch continues.

“Sunrise of 08:38 this morning but it will be 08:13 by end of month and sunset today at 16:28 will be 17:09 at end of month.


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5 thoughts on “The Grand Stretch Timetable

  1. dav

    “predicted”???? I never knew they had to cast bones to come up with the times of sunrise and sunset!

    1. dav

      well eff me sideways..

      “Why We Can’t Predict Sunset Times Exactly….
      Well, we certainly do know the Sun’s geometric position accurately. And we know its diameter, too; so we can compute the true zenith distance of its upper limb accurately at any time. That’s the easy part (i.e., the astronomical part) of the problem.

      However, the apparent positions of both the Sun’s upper limb and the visible horizon are affected by atmospheric refraction — but in somewhat different ways. And, to calculate refraction accurately, we need to know the distribution of temperature and pressure in the atmosphere accurately. That’s the hardest part (i.e., the meteorological part) of the problem.

      Another difficult part has to do with just where the apparent horizon is. If it’s a sea horizon, the apparent horizon depends not only on the observer’s position, but also on the height of the waves. If it’s a land horizon, irregularities in the topography determine the geometric position where the Sun disappears. Given the heights of the eye and the physical horizon, we can calculate the dip of the apparent horizon — but we must take refraction into account. ….”

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