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Darkness to light.

Trust the plan.


Table which includes predicted times of sunrise and sunset over the next month

Carlow Weather tweetz:

“Doesn’t it feel like the darkest morning ever? Dark clouds preventing any moon light makes it a dark morning but the good news is the stretch continues.

“Sunrise of 08:38 this morning but it will be 08:13 by end of month and sunset today at 16:28 will be 17:09 at end of month.


Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan

This morning.

EU member states must inform the European Commission this year if they would like to choose permanent summer or winter time and end the twice-yearly clock changes.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan will ask the Government [today][ to reject this proposal on two grounds.

The first is that it cannot agree to any move that could result in different time zones on the island of Ireland.

The second centres on a fear that this change could lead to a ‘patchwork’ of time zones across the EU.

Govt to oppose EU plan to end seasonal clock changes (RTÉ)