That Yolk Isn’t Funny Anymore


Village Stores, Carlanstown, County Meath

Carlanstown, County Meath.

Shopkeeper Paddy Fulham, of The Village Stores, writes:

I have received a phone call from Nobber Garda station informing me that someone has reported me for selling eggs to minors that are being used to egg houses.

I want to state on no occasion have I intentionally ever sold eggs to anyone I think might be egging people’s homes or cars.

At the end of the day it’s hardly in my interests to have my customers houses or cars been egged…


Paddy Fulham (Facebook)

Thanks Tom

19 thoughts on “That Yolk Isn’t Funny Anymore

    1. scottser

      alas, named after the work house – an obair. not nice at all. my favourite rude irish town name is feakle.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Can we back track a little and eggsplore more on the egging of the houses? The nobber cops have clearly eggspanded their inquiries.

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