This morning [8.35].

Hueston Heuston Station, Dublin 8.

Via Eye on Dublin


In fairness.

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14 thoughts on “Clang Clang

  1. paul

    can’t lengthen the LUAS trams so have to put a more frequent service into effect alongside Dublin Metro for future-proofing. Same with the trains.

    When I see a photo like this though, a small part of my brain is very glad. Each person there is a potential car of the road.

  2. Kingfisher

    E before U except in Whue Whue! Heuston.

    Isn’t the Metro going to have longer trains every 90 seconds? But only northside, because the Ranelagh folk didn’t want their village divided, and the luasdesigning folk didn’t want to put it through Harold’s Cross to Rathfarnham.

    Which reminds me, why do they have to take all the trees away to do Bus Connects? Wouldn’t it be simpler to just make the roads it transits car-free?

    1. ____

      It was never a choice between a Green Line upgrade and a Rathfarnham route.
      The upgrade will be ~€300+million and a Rathfarnham line €3-5billion – so that would be a whole other project (which should happen too of course, but has no chance before the first line is up and running, and it changes public mindset).

  3. Patrick Harding

    This photo is just symptomatic of a very prosperous economy with full employment and a growing population.

    The real failure of Irish Governments over the last thirty years is the inability to deliver infrastructure projects in a cost efficient manner. The lack of professionalism in procurement is outrageous and the expenditurte on the projects bear no relation to the real cost.

    Naturally, there’s a gobpoopy element (cyclists) and planning objectors (nimbyists and sleazebags looking for money) who delay everything including driving up the cost.

    1. Cian

      Lack of infrastructure?
      Apart from the entire motorway system?
      The port tunnel? The Luas? The lynch tunnel? The electrification of the DART?

      1. Cú Chulainn

        The ‘motorways’ are duel carriageways with killer concrete bollards. The Tunnel stops half way to the intended end point, ie the N11/M50 interchange. The LUAS is a light tram trying to do the work of light rail. The Dart would be impressive if it ran to all suburbs of greater Dublin, Dundalk, Drogheda, Navan, Mullingar, Maynooth…. we should have electric intercity trains by now. And, of course the Metro should be underground and built. The city should be on a one way flow to allow blues, cars and.. bikes. But none of these things will happen in my lifetime.

  4. diddy

    I presume the majority of these people got off a train in heuston form they’re far flung satellite towns, all of which are buffered by hectares of rolling prarie adjacent to heuston station.

    what’s more many are childless or could easily live closer to the city if more one and 2 bed apts were available…but no. off to west Kildare with ya! that’s planning Irish style

  5. wearnicehats

    Assuming they start work at 9am at least 50% of those people could get to where they work on time with a brisk walk along the quays.

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