This morning/afternoon.

Moatview Gardens, Coolock, Dublin

Scenes at the estate where human remains were discovered in a sports bag by local residents just after 10pm last night.

The body has not been identified but detectives are “investigating information they received in one case of a teenager involved in the drugs business”.

Human remains found in bag in Dublin estate (RTÉ)

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

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12 thoughts on “Dismembered

    1. Mike

      I thought the same…
      I lived in Liverpool for a few years and the only time it makes it onto TV is when they need to show “challenged” or “gritty” neighbourhoods. Liverpool is gorgeous! It has the largest collection of Grade II-listed buildings outside London. The city has 2,500 listed buildings and gets used as a films set because the Georgian Qtr is so picturesque. The Anglican Cathedral is the 5th largest cathedral in the world and largest in the UK.
      But it doesn’t fit the narrative/brand so never gets seen – which is an awful pity, I loved living there!

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Coolock – regular murders. Has the penny not dropped with Garda Harris that the area needs 24/7 patrolling by the front line gardai, suitably armed and supported?

          1. Caroline. No.

            He’s just a bitter old retired farmer whose wife is off with a young cattle dealer with actual working equipment

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