Taoiseach Leo Varadkar being interviewed in RTÉ on Sunday; *Sam, a five-year-old homeless boy who was photographed eating from a piece of cardboard in Dublin last October

This afternoon.

Further to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s interview on RTÉ’s This Week at the weekend, in which he was asked about the picture of the homeless five-year-old boy Sam (not real name) who was photographed eating from a sheet of cardboard on a street by volunteer group The Homeless Street Café…

And the Fine Gael leader replying:

“…we tried to find out who that child was, because we wanted to make sure that he was looked after, that perhaps he could be moved into a family hub or perhaps we could make sure there were no child protection issues. We still haven’t been able to find that child unfortunately…

Saoirse McGarrigle, in The Irish Mirror, reports that Denise Carroll, from the Homeless Street Cafe, has said the boy is “very easy to find”.

Further to this…

Independents 4 Change general election candidate Seánie O’Shea, from Wexford, tweetz:

Varadkar to @rtenews This Week: “…shocking, shocking photograph and one I found very upsetting. We still haven’t been able to find that child, unfortunately”

Homeless Street Cafe: “We speak to his mother and him every week.. They also have our contact details and we have hers”

Homeless Street Cafe: “The majority of the soup run would know who this family are … Claire Byrne did a piece and she was in town and he was in the film so he is very easy to find.”

Also Varadkar on his “attempts” to find the child known as Sam: “perhaps we could make sure there were no child protection issues” The children of this country need to be protected from the lies and inhumanity of this Government.

Also, where is the follow up from RTE News or David McCullagh after being blatantly misled?”

Leo Varadkar could’ve found homeless boy Sam, 5, activist insists (Saoirse McGarrigle, The Irish Mirror)

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12 thoughts on “Finding Sam

  1. Ann

    The thing that really irks me about Varadkar is his absolute inability to take ownership for anything.
    The ability to take responsibility is arguably a key trait in an honourable politician [bear with me] but, having listened to that interview, the key point that came across to me in that rare opportunity to hear our glorious leader speak for more than a one minute monologue on twitter was his utter inability to hold his hands up and take any responsibility for the utter failures of this government.
    Harry S Truman had a sign with “The Buck Stops Here” on his desk in the white house during his presidency.
    I can’t imagine Varadkar having the same.
    ‘It was like this when I got here’ has become a mantra for him.

  2. Amy

    The simple fact is that Varadkar, and many in FG, don’t care about the poor. They don’t regard them as fully human. Talk to any Blueshirt and it’s always the same, they either blame the poor for their poverty or they shrug their shoulders and leave it to god.

    1. Best made-up name ever

      The Poor get who they didn’t vote for, always.
      That’s why/because they don’t vote.
      That’s why they’re poor.

      1. Chris

        When the poor do vote they tend to vote for People Before Profit loons who haven’t a clue how to do anything except claim that more money is what is required for everything- they haven’t a bloody notion how a society or an economy functions- they just think that the government is a barrier to people who dont work to get free stuff.

  3. george

    “Perhaps we could make sure there were no child protection issues” – Jesus, casting aspersions on the parents. Really low stuff.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      The parents are prepared to be seen in public getting free food from a street cafe which shows that they love their child dearly and want to do their best by him.

      1. Chris

        And why did the parent not insist that their child ate of a plate instead of a piece of cardboard? Was the cafe at fault here? Would that have made as good a picture?

  4. GiggidyGoo

    This is really the first election that the Big V will preside over for FG. Enda Kenny managed to lose quite a few seats last time round – Varadkar is set to out-do him in the losses stakes.
    The more interviews he does the better. He just can’t help himself, even though his handlers write the questions and answers. His distain for you, me and Cian ( ;-) )is quite clear.

    1. Cian

      Enda Kenny managed to lose quite a few seats last time round – Varadkar is set to out-do him in the losses stakes
      Put you money where your mouth is?

      FG went from 76 (of 166 seats available) to 50 (of 158) a loss of 26;
      This would be equivalent of a loss of 23 (of 160) this year.

      If FG get 27 or fewer seats I lose and will donate €20 to a charity of your choice. If FG get 28 or more you donate €20 to a charity of my choice.


  5. Dr.Fart

    makes me wonder. ok, so he says they couldnt find him, even though they didnt look, thats him suggesting that it was staged and the boy wasn’t really eating dinner off cardboard. then the line about child protection issues casts aspersions on the parents. these are despicable things to remark on when asked about this situation; “it’s fake, the parents are bad” .. but his ilk still get votes, still remain one of the most popular parties. so my question.. are we just an awful nation of people? majoritively speaking. do we hear this, see this, and just not care? whos getting something out of FG? apart from the wealthy, they wouldnt yield enough votes to keep them in, they need the backing of the public, which they get. so are we horrible people? what the fupp is going on??

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