Soaked To The Bone


This afternoon.

Dublin City Councillor and CEO of Inner City Helping Homeless Anthony Flynn tweetz:

“Society is failing our elderly!!!!

This morning we have been called to a lady who slept in the rain last night. The lady was soaked to the bone, is in her late 60s, suffering with dementia. She has been transported to hospital.

Thanks to the gardai and ambulance services.”


Met Éireann have forecast that temperatures could drop to -4C tomorrow night and Saturday night.

Earlier: Sad Café

“The Woman’s Body Was Found In Her Room”

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32 thoughts on “Soaked To The Bone

  1. Tomm

    Nothing else matters

        1. Tomm

          10,000 who don’t have their forever home yet. Maybe a few hundred actual homeless.

          There are 5 million other people in the country.

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            Back under your bridge, you foul little troll.

            When there are thousands of children homeless and our economy has supposedly recovered, is supposedly one of the strongest with the greatest growth projections for the coming year, and yet you have working families unable to afford rent, unable to save money for a forever home (your scorn for that term speaks volumes) then it’s more than just the 500 odd people you’re touting.

            Nice try though.

          2. ReproBertie

            Gwan Millie! I’ll hold your coat, you have at him!

            The damage being done to children born into homelessness is another shameful legacy of this FFG coalition.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Its a fookin dreadful situation, please continue to highlight these cases, not wanting to politicize this terrible hardship for many to create a change in gov but that’s where we are now, put FFG back in and this will continue.

  3. leoppoldgloom

    It’s bloody awful, and FG are a useless shower, few more so than Eoghan Murphy, however, as with Dept. of Health & HSE, Dept of Social Protection and various councils etc has many of the same people in positions of power as before. It’s going to take a whole cultural shift as well as a party that actually give a toss about what is best for society as a whole, rather than what looks good on paper in terms of figures.

    Need to change the language and narrative around it. There should be affordable housing. Social housing should be reserved for ill, elderly, disabled, or families who are in some sort of refuge so to speak. Those who really struggle to make an income because they really can’t.

    There are some who have grown up inside the social system and expect a free handout. It’s not nearly as many as people like to spew bile about, but there are some. There are those who think it’s all like this. We’ve ghettoised so many areas that this is al considered a bit normal when it isn’t.

    It all has to change and it requires input from so many areas.

  4. A Person

    Band wagon jumpers. I wrote a genuine comment yesterday, yet all here are only concerned about right on bull politics, racism, look at me poop. and not solving the housing crisis. The state should not be building housing but enabling those that can build, manage and maintain same. Sorry, that does not fulfil the bs and trendy left narrative.

    1. scottser

      and i wrote you a reasonable reply with a link to homeless typologies which you didn’t bother your hole reading.

  5. Janet, I ate my avatar

    maybe if the whole system didn’t cater to the whole landlord and hotel owning class we would see an improvement

      1. Rob_G

        Unless he is photobombing vulnerable people for his election material, its not really the same thing ;)

          1. Tristan Brevan

            Just saying, in a way we’re importing other countries’ problems. In the old days, she wouldn’t have been here – and it would have been one less person on the street/ or one extra house for Irish people….

          2. millie vanilly strikes again

            Right. Just wanted to clarify that it was a torrent of xenophobic nonsense you were spouting.

            You know absolutely nothing about this woman, barring what you have inferred by your own biases from this picture. Your comments are absolutely disgusting.

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            guess what Tristan, it’s a human/living creature in distress and if you were any kind of one that’s all that would count

          4. millie vanilly strikes again

            It is truly all those pesky Orientals that are the root of the problem, eh Boj?

    1. Rob_G

      You would want to be some sort of ethnographic-whisperer to discern someone’s race from that angle…

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