You May Like This


Lankum – Hunting The Wren

How do you like your trad?

If it’s dark, moody and brooding then you’re going to love this new live video by Lankum which was shot by Peadar Gill at their recent sell out show in Dublin’s Vicar Street.

Joining the band on stage are Adrian Crowley, Alex Borwick and John Dermody.

The song appears The Livelong Day which has been nominated for the Choice Music Prize.

Nick says: Winging it.


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5 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Stan

    I love the big Orange stack for the bass harmonium yoke. Saw them in Leeds recently and it shook the floor.

    1. bisted

      …In Finnegans Wake, Joyce talks about the ‘jinnies’ in the section about the Wellington Museum in the Phoenix Park…most of his army had been billeted on the Curragh and I believe the Jinnies he refers to are the Jenny Wrens who travelled as camp followers with the soldiers to fight Napolean…50 years before the permanent barracks was built…

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