Meanwhile, At Leeson Street Bridge


This morning.

Leeson Street Bridge, Dublin 2.

Pint of Plain writes:

Last week this bench (left) beside the Grand Canal was cordoned off by gardai as part of the mechanical homeless removal investigation. Today it is home to this poor man in a sleeping bag. Eoghan Murphy still smiles from his telephone pole

Last week: At Leeson Street Bridge

“The Lord Mayor Should Make A Statement

More Interested In Apportioning Blame”

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7 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Leeson Street Bridge

  1. Hank

    It’s obviously horrific but, as I was reading that, I could just hear Bart Simpson’s voice introducing another episode of Bart’s People..

  2. Christopher

    Oh so you vote in PBP, Sinn Fein or the social democrats and homelessness will disappear? Riiiiigghhhtttt.

    1. D

      they maybe would then get a chance to register a domain like and ‘seek to’ do something about it

  3. Bill

    Disgusting. Should inform the gardai and get him removed. Benches are for the general public, not some silly billy to set up camp and harrass people from.

      1. Bill

        Not allowed have an opinion on broadsheet anymore unless its that of a keyboard warrior white knight.

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