35 thoughts on “A Race Of Angels

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Yep, needs little struts projecting at right-angles from one side of the end of each of the cross’s arms to make clearer the wearer’s leanings

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      St Brigid, the Patron Saint of pro choice? The one who prayed over a pregnant nun and the pregnancy miraculously disappeared. That St Brigid?

      They can’t wear an emblem of St Patrick cos he’s was a scrounging immigrant!

      1. fFs

        Awww I love Brigid crosses. Pagan Celtic Goddess idea of Brigid mind. Don’t give them the power to take it over

    3. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I just did a Chinese ready program, the amount of casual racism fr the others in the room was shocking, at one point the Chinese speaker was asked if he ate rat, I was embarrassed to be in the same room, real eye opener

  1. Enn

    This is crude and puerile but I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Waters’ cringing expression just nails the unfortunate soul with nothing left to lose.

  2. Fearganainm

    He wants bad roads back – after all that our glorious patriots of old have done to fix the roads. He probably wouldn’t stop at bad roads either. Rickets, galloping consumption, Magdalene laundries, industrial schools, churching, compulsory mantillas, polio, egg rationing, compulsory headlice, clergy with sticks assaulting youngsters at dances, church-organised baby sales, the Blueshirts, bad teeth and halitosis, gruel, clothes made out of flour sacks – ’tis a very unpleasant past would be the future to look forward to if that mad old lad had his way.

    “He’ll wreck the roads!”

      1. Fearganainm

        I suppose ’twas Kitty the Hare told you that. Bhuel, dúirt bean liom go ndúirt bean léi go ndúirt bean eile gur inis bean di that there was an ALMIGHTY row down at the poster printer’s because old John wanted to use a portrait of himself showing him squatting like a toad and him with not a stitch on him. Not a stitch. I threw up into my mouth a bit when she was after telling me that and then the more I thought about it I projectile vomited – as anyone would.

    1. Paulus

      One pixel at a time.

      Reminds me of the joke about the huge potential cost in trying to raise the Titanic:

      “It would be cheaper to lower the Atlantic”

  3. V

    In fairness
    I’d say he’ll do better than the half dozen votes he got in the Eurovisions

    The only way is up

  4. Salmon Eile

    If that’s how he wants to waste his settlement from the Irish Times via Una Mullally then so be it.

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