Can You See The Sky?


This afternoon.

In a statement, the FAI says:

“Niall is a former professional football player who has represented the Republic of Ireland national team 92 times, as well as playing in the English top flight for Arsenal FC, Manchester City FC and Sunderland AFC.

As well as being a former board member of Sport Ireland, Niall is the former Chairman of Sunderland AFC and a successful businessman across diverse industries in Ireland and abroad.

In addressing the current challenges facing the FAI, the executive team want to ensure that the organisation’s core objective of the promotion and development of the game of football in Ireland is prioritised.

Niall’s role with the team will focus on leading a future League of Ireland strategy, the overall development of the game in Ireland, including supporting grassroots and community initiatives together with our player pathway programmes.

Niall will also focus on helping restoring and building key relationships and trust with key peer groups and the media.

Gary Owens, FAI interim CEO, said: “We are really pleased that someone of Niall’s calibre is joining the team. Football is such an important game in this country at every level.

“Niall not only brings great insight and experience to developing the game but is passionate about football in Ireland – his energy and commitment is a great fit for the FAI as we begin reform of the organisation and look to create a better future for football in Ireland.”


Ah here.

Any excuse

Niall Quinn appointed as Interim Deputy CEO (FAI)

11 thoughts on “Can You See The Sky?

  1. class wario

    Spoofer. Him and his visionary group (lol) had nothing beyond the usual platitudes. just want to get their claws in to help his mates turn a profit.

      1. class wario

        he is the frontman of a ‘sports marketing agency’ that has built football academies in asian and has expressed an interest in doing the same here

        the ‘visionary group’ he fronted which now has two people at the top table of the FAI put together this diabolical paper last year before departing from the process having received the slightest bit of scrutiny over it

        this is a new role which previously did not exist within the FAI structure. all while very real fears of job cuts exist for ordinary people within the FAI

        he is apparently to be given the League of Ireland brief despite having no experience within the league system and expressing zero interest in it before he started making pitches for an FAI gig. he previously was involved with a club in England and actually tried to market them as an Irish club to the detriment of clubs here.

        He is a spoofer. The ‘ah he’s a sound man!’ stuff was what allowed John Delaney to do as he pleased year after year. As with Delaney, it’ll be the LOI fans blowing the whistle and the happy clappers ignoring it until the poo hits the fan.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Begrudgery is riding high tonight.
    You think Quinn is helping out some Mickey Mouse football association with no chance of winning anything never mind even qualifying for something because he thinks there’s a few bob in it for him ?
    Face facts. Anyone even associated with the Irish football team these days is going to take a hit to their reputation.
    Fair plays to Quinn for wanting to give something back.
    There’ll be a different tune being sung if Ireland manage to qualify for the Euros by beating the Outer Hebrides Ladies Second team.

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