Acting Honours


This morning.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Sarah Durcan and Gary Gannon, Social Democrats candidates in Dublin Bay South and Dublin Central respectively, launch the party’s Arts and Culture manifesto for General Election 2020.

Sarah Durcan, a  member of the Waking The Feminists movement and former board member of the Abbey Theatre, says that Ireland has an international reputation for a rich and vibrant arts and cultural sector “yet it suffers as a result of a lack of investment and the foresight to encourage creativity”.

The party has committted to increasing Arts and Culture spending to the EU average over the next five years – double the present spend.


The party also is proposing drama and theatre studies as a Leaving Certificate subject.

And special commercial rates for creative and art spaces as well as ‘rates holidays’ for new projects are also part of the plans.

Affordable living spaces for artists should also be encouraged, say the party, while it wants an expansion of tax breaks for low income artists….

Social Democrats propose tax breaks for artists in latest manifesto (Irish Examiner)

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5 thoughts on “Acting Honours

  1. BS

    I wonder by feminist does she mean an actual feminist who cares about women’s rights or a woke feminist who is just a misogynist

  2. GiggidyGoo

    As an aside. There was a Q&A session organized in UCC for the students to ask local candidates some questions and hopefully get some answers.

    The Labour candidate didn’t turn up.
    The FG candidate texted a few minutes before the start to bail out as well

    Nice way to throw a few votes away.

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