The Story of James.

Louise Hannon writes:

An interview with James who lives in a soggy tent by a roadside in Dublin watching rough sleepers die.

From the perspective of FG who are not building social housing in the numbers needed, this man is just collateral damage. Expendable.

We are better than this.

Louise Hannon

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6 thoughts on “Expendable

  1. dav

    fg believes this man deserves to be homeless and to help him might allow him to escape their perceived “deserved” punishment of homelessness. A very thatcherite view of the world but that is where they reside now

        1. dav

          I stand corrected, I wish that it weren’t a subject of debate in 21st century Ireland but #civilwarshirts

  2. Shitferbrains

    Goes back to biblical times even. This place is like a 4 Yorkshiremen Sketch. What does Louise Hannon know about building houses ?

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