All Going Accordion To Plan



Like a boss.

He loves the squeezed middle.

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13 thoughts on “All Going Accordion To Plan

  1. Dr.Fart

    this is how people end up voting for fools like him. “ah sure he played us a song and gave the young lad 20 quid” will override “he thinks god controls the weather and drink driving isn’t a crime” .. its easy to trick a nation of short memory dummys

    1. pedeyw

      “well he was very nice to me” seems to override most people’s ability to think clearly, especially when it comes to politicians.

  2. The Dude

    He is not appreciated in Dublin.

    He is a GREAT councillor, as his brother.

    The problem is that the 26 county state has a glorified council chamber as its parliament, while local government is utterly non-democratic and accountable.

    For there to be a credible republic – we would need to fix one, so we can move on with the other.

    Alas, no party is prioritising this matter.

    And so, gobshides will continue to emerge – symptomatic of a system long broken.

    At least some kid in Kerry has got €20 out of this election.

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