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Last night/this morning.

Kerry County Council Councillor Mara Healy-Rea defends her clan.

Green candidate confronts Danny Healy-Rae after his ‘to hell with the planet’ comment (Irish Examiner)


Like a boss.

He loves the squeezed middle.

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Kerry local election candidate Danny Healy-Rae makes a final appeal for your vote in a 30 second clip lasting 44 seconds.

Right so.


Anon writes:

“The leader of Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah  The look, the tone, the dialect… Have the Sheikh and Danny Healy-Rae ever been seen in the same room together?

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And the obligatory mashup…

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It’s Pro Life Jim Not That We’ll Vote For It

DannyHealyRaeAnything gut on German telly?

German TV station Spiegel is spending four days with Danny Healy-Rae to document his “passion” and support for rural dwellers.

A three-man Hamburg-based TV crew also captured Mr Healy-Rae’s contributions at yesterday’s monthly meeting of the county council. Mr Lehberger said he was impressed by Mr Healy-Rae and, particularly, his passion about representing rural people.

German TV to film Healy-Rae’s rural ‘passion’ (Anne Lucey, Irish Examiner)

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(Irish Examiner)