From top: Elaine Byrne’s column in the Business Post; Anthony Sheridan

Anthony Sheridan writes:

Elaine Byrne believes Mary Lou McDonald and her party are lacking in moral courage and are therefore unfit to govern.

Sinn Féin does not deserve a pass until Mary Lou and her leadership demonstrate genuine moral courage.

Ms Byrne is not alone in holding such an intolerant, undemocratic and hypocritical view.

The entire horde of establishment journalists have been scrambling around in panic ever since polls indicated that Sinn Fein have become a major force in Irish politics.

This development comes as no surprise to ordinary citizens who have suffered catastrophe after catastrophe as a direct result of political corruption in Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

The very fact that Ms Byrne obviously believes that these two parties are in possession of any semblance of moral courage destroys her credibility as an objective commentator.

But Ms Byrne may not recognise this criticism because, like all establishment commentators, she operates from within the extremely restricted realm of the political establishment.

Looking out from that bubble Ms. Byrne can see and is indeed very angry at the massive damage inflicted on Ireland and its people by the disease of political corruption.

We know this because she wrote a book outlining in great detail every major incident of political corruption perpetuated principally by Fianna Fail and Fine Gael since the formation of the state.

Unfortunately, Ms. Byrne does not, for whatever reason, possess the moral courage to actually name Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael as the guilty parties.

Instead, she falls in with the rest of the baying mob of ‘journalists’ in passing judgement on those, such as Sinn Féin, who challenge the power and privilege of our corrupt ruling political class

Anthony Sheridan is a freelance journalist and blogs at PublicEnquiry.

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57 thoughts on “Ourselves Elaine

  1. Amy.

    Realistically, even with these poll numbers, SF can’t get more than 30 seats. So they’ll not be the major party of government. So Elaine ‘I got Michael McDowell to launch my book’ Byrne should relax.

    1. topsy

      O ye, the man who said the country didn’t need to collect stamp duty on house sales.
      The man who bought a farm on our behalf or €40 million for the Central Mental Hospital, but was never used.
      He then shagged off back private law practice.

  2. Salmon Eile

    Elaine Byrne – isn’t she a personal acquaintance of Varadkar’s?

    “I’ve know Leo over twenty years now, since we were teenagers in college. The personal comments about him being autistic and lacking empathy are very unfair, and no doubt hurtful. He has always been obsessively rational, rather than emotive, in his approach. He is a kind person.”

    She’s full of herself. And full of it. She’s a total mé-feiner…. being sued by redacted is hardly a unique selling point. Throw a stone…

    1. Salmon Eile

      + Mairia Cahill, Senator Billy Fox, Jerry McCabe, guy with loaf of bread on head (repeat ad infinitum)

      1. Amy.

        Exactly. That’s why I won’t be voting for SF. And not to mention the fact that SF are responsible for the recent cold snap and manx cats not having tails.

    2. Pat Mustard

      Loughinisland massacre, The Miami Showband massacre, Omagh bombing etc..

      All the families are suing the British government and the PSNI for collusion with loyalist paramilitaries.

      1. Rob_G

        Did I miss something, or are the UDR or UVF running for election here, or what is the relevance to the current discussion….

        (PSNI didn’t exist yet at the time of the outrages above).

        1. Pat Mustard

          So you’re ignoring them to score cheap points?

          If you were balanced, you would reference both.. But you’re not, you’re biased, just like Justin. He’s upset because of SFs stance on the 8th.

          The PSNI repeatedly sandbagged later investigations into said atrocities. Thats why they’re being sued.

          1. Rob_G

            The discussion is about being morally fit to serve in the Dáil. None of the people who carried out outrages on the unionist/loyalist side are running for our assembly, so again, I don’t see the relevance.

          2. Clampers Outside

            It is relevant when they lie about the bad stuff – the running of kangaroo courts and “expulsion” of sex offenders to reoffend on the people of the south…. some ‘all Ireland’ party that.

            They’re ‘all’ alright, all about the party first, and be damned the people as the facts demonstrated in that episode of their recent history, and further denied just a few years ago.

          3. Clampers Outside

            Fair enough. I suppose it’s not the type of moral character Ms Byrne is on about, but moral character none the less.

          4. newsjustin

            “He’s upset because of SFs stance on the 8th.”

            I’m actually not. All of the main parties disappointment me on that front.
            No. I’m upset with Sinn Fein because of the terrorism.

          5. V

            By that same token Justine, you would have to say that about Fine Gael and their use of Micheal Collins as a party icon

            He was afterall the father of Guerilla Warfare

            Fairs fair

          6. newsjustin

            Any glorification of violence is unacceptable to me, personally.

            I’m a reasonable person though. I’m not going to hold today’s politicians responsible for the sins of their grandparents or great-grandparents.

            I do have an issue with people and parties who have direct links to actual murders and/or serve alongside or are friends with and normalise people who murder people.

          7. A Person

            Rob G “our assembly”? Seriously, this is why people like me won’t vote for shinners. And having a failed journo who hates every other journo in the “free state” making your points won’t convince anybody

    3. class wario

      FG are lucky that all the people they’ve killed over the past decade weren’t important enough to be anything more than a number on a spreadsheet somewhere

  3. The Old Boy

    There is a very deliberate tactic to present Sinn Féin getting 35 seats in a 158 seat Dáil as a terrible blow to the country. If you’re anti-Sinn Féin, I should say those were rather encouraging numbers based on the last twenty-five years. They are the only party in the state (save for the non-entities that are the SDs, Aontú and assorted also-rans) that hasn’t been in government in that time that aren’t communists.

    I’m not pro Sinn Féin by the wildest stretch of the imagination, but the portrayal in the press is hysterical relative to the actual position.

      1. D

        Rory O’Connor was executed by firing squad in reprisal for the anti-treaty IRA’s killing of Free State TD Sean Hales. The execution order was signed by Kevin O’Higgins. O’Connor had been best man at his wedding on 27 October 1921. The killing remains as a symbol of the bitterness and division of the IRA’s Civil War. O’Connor, one of 77 republicans executed by the Cumann na nGaedheal government of the Irish Free State, is seen as a martyr by the Republican movement in Ireland.

        I remember this as if it were yesterday.

        Lots of short memories around here. Amazing how the superpower of reading allows one to enhance ones memory, isn’t it?

        It’s as if the arms trial never happened.

    1. Rob_G

      What – that she acknowledge some level of commonality with someone she might not agree with, without revert to ‘us Vs them’ tribal bullpoop? Good for her.

      “Elaine Byrne
      Doctor Elaine Byrne”

      – that’s probably all I need to establish an opinion about you.

        1. Rob_G

          The Twitter bio doesn’t call her ‘Dr Elaine Byrne’, and I don’t recall it ever appearing next to her byline – it seems a strange thing to bring up.

      1. V

        It’s not the “more Unionist Voices‘ that has me particularly concerned
        It’s the encouraging of a genuine authentic intolerant narrow minded Bigot.

        Who is categorically Anti Marriage Equality, Anti Pro Choice and refuses to accept the Irish Language, which all demonstrate that Arlene Foster has no respect for our Constitution or our National Language.

        A corrupt hypocrite, and an incompetent public representative I could live with because we’ve plenty of them ourselves; and frankly that’s the responsibility of her own voting catchments.

        However, the vast majority of our Citizens voted landslides in recent Referendums and showed the World we are a Equal Marriage and Pro-life Country, her refusal to recognise that while she attempted to deny same to other Citizens on this island is what I take issue with.

        She has no respect for the Voter or for Democracy; her support for Brexit AGAINST the mandate of her own NI duristiction should be warning enough imo.

        Her Unionist Politics is the least of it imo – it’s her refusal to accept Democratic outcomes that makes her a dangerous voice on RTÉ, and for Irish writers and academics to be endorsing it is a worrying prospect.

        And btw Anthony, a fabulous piece of writing, and a perfect presentation of what is an awkward topic, thanks V

          1. Brother Barnabas

            and not much respect for the sacramant of marriage either

            on the mickey mad side, by all accounts

            I’ve no issue with that, of course

            but do have an issue with hypocrisy

          2. V

            Well I would be of the view that that is none of my business, although it does earn a chuckle and deservedly so as it exploits her own hypocrisy better that anything I could say. TBF.

            But her bullish disregard for majority sanctioned mandates, both in this duristiction and the one she represents herself should never be ignored. Not by anyone.

  4. RuilleBuille

    The fear of the entitled, corrupt FFG is that their years of snouts in the trough are over if SF get a sizable vote.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      There’ll be a frantic search behind the radiators in Varadkars office for the likes of the Moriarty file when he’s is packing his bags.

  5. Truth in the News

    An ever increasing section of the population are fully intent in shafting the elite
    in the media and the political establishment and its not surprising to see the
    rise in Sinn Fein’s popularity , the place is rotten to the core, and the next appeal
    will be Fine Gael asking for preferences for Fianna Fail and FF reciprocating
    As this evolves there will be all sorts of attempts to seize and hold on to power
    a lot lucrative positions and pensions are at stake, and if the Shinners propose
    a reform that no matter who you are all you will get is the Contributory Old Pension
    its all over……We need a lot more articles from Anthony Sheridan:

  6. Steph Pinker

    I hope there’s an independent/ objective journalist who can count regarding how many times politicians use terms such as ‘in terms of” on the debate tonight – do PP do odds on such?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I must say that Michéal Martin and Leo Varadkar are struggling big time tonight. Mary Lou McDonald not so much, as the best that is being fired at her are the usual Northern Ireland government lemons – where the Tory government are in control of the purse strings and legislation.
      She has a distinct advantage as SF doesn’t have a record of being in government here, and can easily pick off FFG’s failures. Martin tries the usual IRA line, and Varadkar throws out figures that are questionable and will be subject to serious scrutiny overnight.

      1. Clampers Outside

        Paul Quinn… silence…

        125,000 new homes…. paid for with what?… and increasing immigration at the same time? Where will they live?

        And ’em, this cracker had me in stitches and made her look stupid…. “you’re going to manspalin corporation tax to me”

        And on the question of the Special Criminal Court… this tweet sums up her avoidance wonderfully…
        She wants to protect her own band of cronies.

  7. AR

    Anthony, are you a little obsessed about Elaine? A quick look through your blog seems to suggest an unusually sustained focus over the years on Elaine.

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