Clare And Present Danger


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar addresses media outside Clare FM this morning

This morning…

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar told Clare FM that he would fight to remain as leader of Fine Gael if his party performs poorly in the election tomorrow.

Breakingnews reports:

Mr Varadkar also revealed he would fight to retain leadership of Fine Gael in the event of his party losing the general election.

Under party rules, he would have to submit himself to a confidence vote.

“If that were to happen, I would ask to stay on as party leader and lead the Opposition, and be ready to pick up the pieces in five years’ time after Fianna Fail do to the country what they usually do,” he said.

Varadkar predicts ‘real difficulty’ to form a Government after election (Breakingnews)


This morning.

Fine Gael General Election HQ.

Leo Varadkar’s possible successor Minister for Finance Pascahl Donohoe said he fully supported the taoiseach referring to the fact that he has spent more time with him during the General Election 2020 campaign than he has with his wife.



June, 2010

Following the failed leadership ‘heave’ by Fine Gael’s Richard Bruton and days after the party’s then leader Enda Kenny sacked Mr Bruton from his role as Deputy Leader and Spokesperson on Finance…

And after a poll showed Fine Gael slipping and Labour to be the most popular party in Ireland for the first time ever…

Leo Varadkar spoke out against Mr Kenny telling RTÉ’s Prime Time:

“It’s not that I’ve lost confidence in him, it’s that the public doesn’t have confidence in him. And unfortunately that’s the truth and that’s something that we all know, it’s something that you know. And I have to ask myself that key question, the 3am question…who do I want to answer that phone…”

Good days.

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