Put Mary On A Pedestal


This morning.

Dublin city centre.

Darragh writes:

Out of over 200 public artworks in Dublin city, only seven are in memory of historical Irish women.

Six women are celebrated to be precise, whereas 48 historic men are remembered for their achievements and accomplishments.

That’s why EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum placed a plinth on O’Connell Street this morning asking why female trailbazers – like aviator Mary Heath – have been so overlooked by Irish history.


Blazing a Trail: Lives and Legacies of Irish Diaspora Women, runs until March 31 at EPIC, Custom House Quay, North Dock, Dublin 1.

Pics via EPIC

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6 thoughts on “Put Mary On A Pedestal

  1. paul

    The majority of these statues and such were erected decades ago, some maybe even more than 100 years ago. They reflected the mores of Irish society of that time and the people that those in power wished to honour. Thinking that that way of thinking still exists today is a bit silly. We now have monuments such as the Rosie Hackett bridge so I would hope that the thinking has changed and more for the better.

    Plonking the plinth there conflicts with existing statuary (crowding), why not put it somewhere relevant where it can stand on its own merits rather than competing. Dublin Airport? Maybe in one of the terminals so people can pause and read about the life of Mary Heath. International travellers could do so as well, spreading the word of an eventful and important life.

  2. White Dove

    ‘Overlooked by irish history’ is a bit rich when there were loopy Anglo-Irish male expats all over the globe doing much the same thing as long-dead Lady Mary… if you were to put up a monument to each of them O’Connell Street would be filled.

    Possibly better to focus on supporting modern day Irish women in their current endeavours. Workplace childcare and return-to-work support wouldn’t go astray for instance.

  3. topsy

    I was thinking about some modern day heroines who would deserve a commemorative statue. Might include Mary Harney, Mary O’ Rourke, Mary Robinson, Mary Hanifin or indeed Mary McAleese. All of these women gained great wealth and public pensions at the expense of working class Dubliners; who are greatly indebted to them for there heroic public service.

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