I Want The World To Know


This morning.

BBC presenter Phillip Schofield announces that he is a gay man.

Phillip Schofield comes out as gay (BBC)

Fluffybiscuits writes:

The delight of my fellow gays to Phillip Schofield’s coming out and the rag tag tawdry opinions that followed congratulating him. Fellas, this is nothing special..this is 2020 where we should not have to come out.

Married men are ten a penny in the gay world (I know I’ve had them and banged their brains out but stopped years ago as my moral compass pricked my conscience).

Philip’s wife is who I feel sorry for…this is a woman at his side for 27 years and no amount of tearful ‘coming out’ to the cameras changes that.

A friend this morning told me he came out at 12 years of age in the 90s, during the AIDS crisis..that’s brave..not some pampered celeb

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32 thoughts on “I Want The World To Know

          1. Brother Barnabas

            I’d say virgil goes in full, hard and committed or not at all – best not know what’s coming

  1. Nullzero

    Sounds like he has a lot of support from his family. Best of luck to him but this is really a personal thing for this man, there must have been a threat of a salacious tabloid story that’s been headed off by this announcement.

  2. newsjustin

    He did it live on telly! With his supposed arch-nemesis Ruth Langsford beside him.

    Does this explain all the reported in-fighting on the show recently?

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    British TV stars – their lives are so much in the public realm. I guess he can’t just go and live his life as a gay man in private because the tabloids would hound him. Anyway, good luck to him.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        God yeah, them as well. The media is full of their houses and wags. I would hate to be famous in Britain. Tough enough here.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Jeez, it must be hard being an Irish celebrity.
          Mattress Mick must dread leaving his mansion in the morning …

  4. Fluffybiscuits

    To be frankly honest I couldnt care…why is it news? Married men that are gay are ten a penny including a lot in TV…

    1. ReproBertie

      Because there are many backwoods knuckle draggers who do not share your opinion on these matters. That’s why so few footballers are willing to be open about their sexuality. Presumably the tabloid media that panders to these same backwoods knuckle draggers decided it was time to have a go at another celebrity and he wanted to get his say in first.

    2. shortforbob

      Maybe he was going to be outed by the press anyway and the only thing he was really choosing was to out himself first.

  5. V

    As the saying goes
    Better out than in
    Good luck to him, his family, friends and colleagues
    Fair play to them all, he’s entitled to make the most of this stage of his life, so I hope all his dreams come true

    An unrequited love is a living curse
    That only gets worse and harder to live with as you get older

  6. Cú Chulainn

    I think it very selfish that you won’t knock the brains (!) out of married men anymore. Think of all the lives that could be destroyed just because you wouldn’t give another human something they really needed that cost you nothing. It’s easy when you’re not married to make decisions like that, but those men have children who don’t need to any doubt about being loved. So, I say, go back to shagging the brains out of the needy. Everyone is better off for it.

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