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This morning.

BBC presenter Phillip Schofield announces that he is a gay man.

Phillip Schofield comes out as gay (BBC)

Fluffybiscuits writes:

The delight of my fellow gays to Phillip Schofield’s coming out and the rag tag tawdry opinions that followed congratulating him. Fellas, this is nothing special..this is 2020 where we should not have to come out.

Married men are ten a penny in the gay world (I know I’ve had them and banged their brains out but stopped years ago as my moral compass pricked my conscience).

Philip’s wife is who I feel sorry for…this is a woman at his side for 27 years and no amount of tearful ‘coming out’ to the cameras changes that.

A friend this morning told me he came out at 12 years of age in the 90s, during the AIDS crisis..that’s brave..not some pampered celeb


Lyra McKee is a young gay woman who wrote a letter to her 14 year-old self as a response to recent hate-filled speech by Christians.

She appeared on Monday’s ‘The Nolan Show’ on BBC Radio Ulster to talk about homophobia and coming out in light of Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh’s public announcement at the weekend.

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