“Part Of The Excitement Of The Night”




This evening.

Waterford Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane (above), who was elected yesterday after receiving the biggest ever first preference vote in the Waterford constituency with 20,569 votes, responds to journalists’ questions about comments he made in a Waterford pub last night.

Mr Cullinane was recorded as saying “Up the Ra” (top) as he addressed a crowd of people in the pub while celebrating his electoral success.


Sinn Féin’s David Cullinane defends shouting ‘Up the ‘Ra’ after election (The Irish Times)

Cullinane will have to explain ‘Up the Ra’ video – McDonald (RTÉ)

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66 thoughts on ““Part Of The Excitement Of The Night”

  1. Fearganainm

    He never even exhorted the crowd to be ready quick and soon, for the pikes must be together at the rising of the moon.


  2. Amy.

    SF supported the IRA. Of course he’s going to reference them. People voted for SF knowing this. The D4 brigade can fulminate if they want.

    1. Rob_G

      I’m glad the mask is slipping; there were loads somewhat naive people who were in a tizzy on Twitter yesterday when the video of them singing rebel songs in the RDS was published, saying “this is not I what I voted for” – this is exactly what you voted for, and you shall reap the whirlwind

      1. scottser

        i voted sinn fein. and i think ‘up the ra’ should be our new greeting/acknowledgement/exultation of all things good. for example:

        ‘up the ra rob, how’s things?’
        ‘good scottser, i just won 50euro on the new shinner scratch cards. up the ra, wha?
        ‘deadly rob – delighted for ya. gotta run, catch ya later – up the ra’
        ‘up the ra scottser lad’

  3. Anton Chigurh

    Hm. Somewhat akin to the failed ousting of Enda by Richard, when they worried about spooking the urban vote that time one of Enda’s sycophants sweatily huffed outside to the waiting media “this is a victory for the people who eat their dinner in the middle of the day”… but more sinister. The mask is slipping.

  4. Tim

    Bury the head in shame Ireland. This is what you voted for. Far right nationalism. You lot are making Trump look respectable.

    1. Amy.

      SF opposed the 27th Amendment. Unlike the other establishment parties that promoted that blood and soil nonsense.

        1. RidersOnThe Storm

          But, but, McDonald said that she was “not their mammy”.

          “I don’t censor them either, we’re all adults and I do expect people to behave in an adult way and to cooperate with their dear leader and not to create distractions. But let’s not get over-excited on this thing,” she said.

          So, not their mammy, but like Kim Jung Un their dear leader.

    1. Fearganainm

      Or that English Protestant guy that managed the Irish national team and used to fire them up by getting them to sing Seán South from Garryowen. He may be canonised yet…

  5. Shitferbrains

    This is my TD. He’s not far from being an ethnic – or sectarian – cleanser. Really reassuring.

  6. Hector Ramirez

    I’m noticing a trend with Sinn Fein when things they don’t want reported on, are made public…. ‘the media…’
    but it wasn’t the media that recorded it, it was a supporter.

    I’m thinking, if/when in government it’ll become more prevalent. But we’ll have to see.

  7. 01101101 01100011

    can I just say something that might unite ye all? for a minute or two anyway:


    good night everyone!

  8. V

    This lad is a returning TD
    So his Constituents knew exactly what they were getting when they voted on Saturday
    So everyone wind yere necks in.

    I’d be paying more attention to all the new Sinn Fein TDs
    Particularly those who we don’t know or never gave a thought to before yesterday morning
    Who all now have to get on with the business of representing their Dáil Constituencies,
    Setting up Constituency Offices, engaging Dáil staff
    Generally conducting themselves like Professional Politics, with leadership responsibilities in our National Parliament

    And hope they’re all not as shook and dazed and as confused as the girl I saw wandering around Punchestown last light –
    Maybe she needs another holiday to get over the weekend

    While we all have a lot of learning to do, and adjusting to do, about our new Political Landscape
    I have no doubts about Mary Lou’s capacity for managing a larger Parliamentary Party, and wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already organised some induction training

    Hon’ Ireland

    1. Charger Salmons

      I find myself in agreement with you.
      I don’t really care if the Shinners sing Up the Ra Black and tans Paddywackery or whatever, They have an absolute right to celebrate in whatever way they see fit.
      Theirs is a stunning political success and they should enjoy every moment of it.
      The laughable thing of all though is posters on here getting their knickers in a wad over a bit of harmless sectarian singing while simultanously thumbing through their anti-Brit hymn book for the right epithet or bon mot with which to insult the English.
      Grow a pair you Quentins.
      You want a united Ireland ? These are the crooks who’ll give you the best chance of getting it.
      What’s that ? You’re wetting yourself already ?
      Heh, heh, heh.

      1. V

        Less of the crooks
        We’ve just closed the door on a Fine Gael Government, led in the main by people who have been to posher schools than you,
        A cabal of incompetence, who have committed Jaysus knows what to a hospital that can never be fully staffed or supported with a sufficient enough of an operating budget, a Broadband Infrastructure award othat has failed every diligence and Independence test I can think of, and who probably have kept a blind eye turned to insider profiteering from its own members – Murphy and Bailey – and dúck knows who else, only for getting called out on it.

        Make no mistake A Sinn Fein led Government have some work to do to even get within a Tribunal of what I’ve seen the FF FG axis stroke in the last forty years, for themselves and their own.

        Ara’ away ou’ that with your crooks

      1. Charger Salmons

        Ireland’s Call ?
        Great tune.
        With the key change half way through favoured by many African banana republics in their anthem,

          1. 01101101 01100011

            ugh, THAT yoke, did you have to remind me?

            Charger is right, its dirge

            Amhran na Bhfiann is a great song (and about the only Irish I have a good grip on anymore)

          2. millie vanilly strikes again

            He is right. It’s an awful yoke.

            Not a massive Amhran na Bhfiann fan either. Which is probably why I can only fudge my way through about half the words, to my eternal shame.

        1. D

          No need to Swing Low like that, Sweet Charger… if only someone was coming for to carry you home – but nobody cares enough.

          1. 01101101 01100011

            that’s even worse, makes Ireland’s Call (jesus its even hard to type out) look like a Beatles masterpiece

          2. Charger Salmons

            There is nothing that epitomises the multi-cultural free spirit of Blighty more than a group of public school yahoos singing a negro spiritural song at Twickers.
            And the great thing is England also only needs the one anthem.
            Your poor saps in the Ireland team have to stand through two of them.Maybe the reason why they never get past the quarter-finals in any World Cup is that they’re too shagged out from standing for all the anthems ?
            Boom !

  9. Daisy Chainsaw

    A mere month ago we were celebrating that Come Out Ye Black and Tans was number one in the UK. Now you’re back to pearl clutching over rebel songs?

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Ah five hours sleep is loads! You’re young!

      She says with a condescending laugh. Sorry.

  10. Truth in the News

    Eoghan Harris will have to do a piece in the Indo as soon as possible that
    he is going to lead a National Campaign to oust the Shinners, from power and to
    beseech the Almighty to have Connor Cruise O’Brien resurrected on Easter Sunday
    from the dead,,,,,,Where has all the ranting from an introverted Dublin based media
    got them in relation to the Shinners…..the opposite, in fact their elevation to power
    North and South

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      Trust me – he will. He was busy over the weekend phoning quotes to Ruth Dudley-Edwards to publish because he’d missed the Sindo deadline for his own guff.

      Usual stuff … West Cork protestants, RIC, DMP, Jerry McCabe, Mairia Cahill, Paul Quinn, Cooley Penninsula, Billy Fox, Jerry McCabe, er … 1930’s Munich, SS, SA, er Jerry McCabe… Adolf Hitler, er… Lyra McKee, Jimmy Magee…(Ed – please check spelling of names – will this do?)

  11. Golden Balls

    What’s exactly so wrong with what he did?
    He was merely being himself
    People need to get the fupp over themselves
    I saw that useless slap of excrement Neal Redmond last night pontificate about this like some Bishop
    Where was your sermon when a guy died in the street?
    Pigs swilling at the trough

  12. Rob_G

    Sinn Fein leader @MaryLouMcDonald says she is not SF members’ “mammy” and that she cannot control what members say

    He’s not just ‘a member’ Mary Lou, he is one of your TDs. And yes, you can. It is your actual job description.

  13. Andrew

    Is this really much worse than the thinly veiled anti-British rhetoric that has permeated commentary regarding Brexit?
    Not least by Leo Varadkar but not forgetting Fintan O’Toole, the acceptable face of middle class bigotry. I’ve been amazed at some of the chatter in the last few years and how easily it was stoked.
    Sure didn’t Brady’s family ham use the tune to come out you Black and Tans in an advertisement? I was appalled by it at the time and expected some kind of criticism in the media, but none came.

    Why are people surprised now?

    1. Rob_G

      There is a difference between acknowledging that the Brits are up to shnakey business, and singing songs glorifying the IRA.

      1. Andrew

        I know that Rob, but it nomalises it and makes it acceptable to have a cut. It’s just another step up. Bar stool Republicanism has kept that toxic flame alive for years. Haughey and his ilk used it for long enough. Fine Gael were supposed to eschew that type of rhetoric. The Irish Times even more so and how they allowed Fintan O’Toole his daily rant was bizarre.
        FG and the IT seem to have forgotten who their core voter/audience is.

        1. Archie

          I think Fintan was tapping into the general sense of bewilderment by the Irish Times readership of Brexit and the overall ‘Take back Control’ illusion rather than any real Anglophobia.

          1. Charger Salmons

            I must have been reading a different Fintan O’Toole for the past few years.
            If the racist nonsense he’s been spouting about the English had appeared in English newspapers about the Irish he would have been the first to condemn it.
            The same applies at times on Broadsheet I’m afraid.
            I have feelings too, you know.
            Heh x 3.

          2. Andrew

            I disagree Archie. I think it was very anglophobic. Apart from that, a referendum was held. You can be as bewildered as you like, but that is the democratic process and criticizing another country’s decision is as arrogant as if it was when we rejected EU treaties here and were criticised for doing so..

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Cian, you’ve become even bitchier than me since the election results. I think a holiday is what you need, my dear.

      1. Cian

        Before the election if we called them SF/IRA there was a backlash of “SF is totally separate from IRA, they aren’t connected at all. stop bullying us.”

        Now we get this direct linkage between the two and told: “Ah, sure everyone knows that the SF and IRA are hand-in-glove – that’s what they voted for”

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          Where is this direct linkage? Aside from that fool in the video, I mean. Is this being done by SF themselves? That seems incredibly foolish.

          If SF do wish to capitalise on their success, surely it would make more sense to maintain the separation of SF/IRA. But then, perhaps my reading of the situation is wrong?

          1. Rob_G

            “Where is this direct linkage?”

            Millie – Dessie Ellis, a SF TD singing songs about the IRA in the RDS, used to be in the IRA.

            Martin Ferris, Martina Anderson. Gerry Kelly – they aren’t exactly trying to hide the link.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            And the direct linkage UDA DUP FG. A=B=C.
            Jeffrey Donaldson the surprise “guest” at the RIC Ard Fheis.

  14. j

    It appears that Sinn Fein /IRA will allow bigotry to become the accepted face of Ireland, so I think 75% of the electorate are allowed to speak the truth and refer to them by their true name.

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