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Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar (top with Minister of State at the Department of Finance and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform with special responsibility for Financial Services and Insurance Michael Darcy)  delivers a keynote address at the the European Financial Forum.

We’re not a company.

We’re an Inc.

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Via RTÉ:

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said responsibility now falls on Sinn Féin to build a coalition and negotiate a socialist Programme for Government that keeps their promises.

They should then seek a Dáil majority for it, he added.

Speaking to the media after addressing the European Financial Forum in Dublin, Mr Varadkar said Sinn Féin has emerged as the largest party in terms of votes and they did this by making a lot of promises to people in this country.

He said Fine Gael is willing to step back and let Sinn Féin try to form a government, adding that he had not yet been contacted by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald.

Taoiseach says Sinn Féin must now build a coalition (RTÉ)


23 thoughts on “Why I Lost

  1. george

    Has he never been to Sweden or the Netherlands? Most people employed by multinationals in those countries have perfect English.

  2. Salmon Eile

    He means cheap low-skiled accounts payable, pre-sales and service multilingual labour under the age of 30 here from abroad; a light-touch regulation regime, 12.%% corporate tax, 100s for hotels for tech people conferences and visits, and a compliant print, radio and TV station… and white water rafting.

    In fairness, it’s an easy mistake to make … if you’re detached from reality … and live by number of Facebook ‘likes’.

    1. Rob_G

      In another thread, people were complaining about MNCs workers driving up the rents due to the large salaries; how are they driving up the rents if all the jobs are “cheap low-skiled accounts payable” jobs?

  3. Dermot Hughes

    I believe he mis-spoke, its easy to do, look at the last line of your first paragraph

    -delivers a “keunote” address at the the European Financial Forum.

  4. DOC

    Enjoy the view from the backbenches with your two pals Harris and Murphy
    The Three Amigo’s sniggering to themselves on the 20th in the Dail
    Adios Amigo’s

  5. Charger Salmons

    Nice stuff from Brendan O’Neill.
    Leo thought the green jersey of Brit-bashing suited his svelte figure rather well and was happy to parade it across the European catwalk.
    The trouble is when he legitimized that the electorate preferred to go with the real deal rather than some Pound Shop Provo.
    There’ll be no tears on the mainland when he parks his posterior back on the Dail’s cheap seats.

    1. ReproBertie

      Kathy Sheridan’s article this morning pointed out the ill informed opinions of Brits on the results of the Irish election. I can see why it annoyed you so much when this is the sort of raiméis you repeatedly post in the face of the facts.

      It’s not about you pal, 1% considered Sasamach an election issue.

  6. Lobster

    Lads, quoting from the spectator is nonsense. Of COURSE they feel we should have given the UK everything it could have wanted re Brexit, and feel this was why FG did so poorly in the election, but just because they say it doesn’t make it true.
    It is a Eurosceptic, right wing paper, regarded as “mostly factual” in terms of fact based reporting, use of their opinion pieces as indicative of anything other than them saying exactly what you’d expect them to say in the Irish context is making my eyes roll out of my head.

    1. Rob_G

      Indeed. Also, many of Spiked’s other tweets seem to be about ‘Remoaners’ – take from that what you will.

      1. Lobster

        I don’t see the purpose in linking to it here at all tbh. They are another source biased towards right wing, and rated as mixed in terms of factual accuracy, as they often use overly emotional language and omit information that would steer readers away from conservative causes.
        Cmere Bodger, what are we supposed to understand by the inclusion of this tweet in the post? Is it a position you/ Broadsheet support, or just something you find interesting? Or another reason!? I actually try not to guess at other peoples motivations, but I can’t resist…

  7. Dr.Fart

    i cant remember who it was, but a few years ago an FGer said on the radio that theyre “running a business” and someone said its not a business, and the only thing ill remember is the spitey, spitty rasp of how he then said “it is a business” .. thats the problem with FG, they didnt run a society but an economy. They firmly believe its akin to running a business. and they dont see whats wrong with that. theyll say it publically. god im so glad theyre gone.

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