Thriving At The Crossroads


Glenda Gilson wearing Kangoo jumpers at the official launch of Thrive Festival 2020

The votes are in.

Last week, with a pair of tickets to give away to both the Saturday and Sunday of this year’s Thrive Festival in Dublin’s Convention Centre on February 29 and March 1 on offer, I asked you to name your favourite song about food or which mentions a particular food.

You answered in your dozens.

I am giving the tickets to two different winners: a pair of tickets for Saturday and another for Sunday in an effort to get four people fitter rather than the previously advertised two.

Runner up:

I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll by Leon Redbone.

Gary Flood writes:

Classic jazz from a classy man.

Joint winner:

Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy by The Macc Lads

Scottser writes:

Should be first on everyone’s list…

Joint winner:

Horse It Into Ya, Cynthia by Conal Gallen.

Fearganainm writes:

Onions, burgers, cheese and onion crisps – what’s not to love? For the truly committed, or those who need to be committed, there’s a dance version…Kiltimagh gets namechecked and the whole oeuvre is redolent of a vanished Ireland – buíochas le Dia

Nick says: Thanks all!

Last week: Win Nick’s Tickets To Thrive

Thrive Festival 2020

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3 thoughts on “Thriving At The Crossroads

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Ha! I guess it had to be that :) I cannot attend the festival, so I made no entry, but I did thoroughly enjoy the entries :)
    Well, some maybe not so much, but that is the joy of these competitions. I get exposed to music I may never have heard otherwise.

    Fearganainm: Enjoy it. Will ye be wearing a pair of them bouncy thingies Glenda is sporting?

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