Eoin Ó Broin, Sinn Féin TD and the porty’s chief negotiator in talks to form a new government

This morning.

On RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland.

[Sinn Féin TD] Eoin Ó Broin said while Sinn Féin’s preference was a left-wing coalition with the Social Democrats or the Green party the numbers are not there and that became clear on Tuesday after the General Election results.

“On Tuesday morning the broad progressive left had 66 TDs and that is not enough for government… What we have been saying since then is we want a government led by progressive left policies.”


…He (Micheál Martin) has said various things and there has not been clarity. Yesterday he suggested he is going to put Leo Varadkar back into office. If last week he wasn’t going talk to Fine Gael and now he is then he clearly changes his mind.”

Impossible for SF to form coalition government without FF or FG – Ó Broin (RTÉ)

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31 thoughts on “No Route 66

  1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Like a hollandaise sauce the SDs will split as if too much heat is applied.

    AAA, BPB, Rise could not agree on the time of day, so that rules them out.

    A minority government seems unlikely.

    So it is FF/FG/Green government or a new election.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          But it’s pretty much an accurate reflection of a possible outcome. Currently, with the stances taken by FF/FG it’s not possible for SF to form a govt. Further, it’d be insanity for the Greens to go into collation with anyone imo.

  2. V

    The Sinn Féin Porty going all Dublin Bay South already
    And Chris Andrews is only back a few days

    Talk about hitting the ground running Broadsheet

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      They are Nationalism and Socialism mixed together. National Socialism, better known as Nazism

          1. Brother Barnabas

            surprised that you would even go there cian

            the nazis were obviously fascists, which is the complete and utter opposite to socialism

            sticking ‘socialist’ into their name was nothing other than a cynical branding exercise to attract the support of disenfranchised workers, drawing them away from communism and into populist nationalism.

        1. class wario

          Yep! Now, while I have you, mayhaps you’d be interested in a trip to the democratic paradise that is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

          1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            Something can be 2 things at once.

            Hitler and his Italian buddy used a mix of Socialism and Nationalism to take power, it became known as Fascism, this is factually correct.

  3. A Person

    dav (small d), I’ve asked at least 10 times. Define blushirts. Ah man up for once. Why are you so reluctant to do so? Also, shinners, when are you going to stop being on the ditch and do some work? I guarantee you these questions will not be answered by dav, goo, mustard or all the other shinner admin people.

    Also bodger, why no coverage of Derry yesterday and the “support” of the arrested potential killer? Has this just become a shinner website. I had to ask the same question about the disgraceful kidnap of Kevin Lunney before you covered it. Why are you so biased?

    1. class wario

      love these guys constantly banging on about SF not doing any work when they’re the only party of the three to actually make overtures towards forming a government the past week

      1. A Person

        do some work, and reply to the question asked above.
        I give up, this website has become a shrill for the shinners. Don’t pose the real issues, let them away with murder, literally.

        1. V

          someone’s in a right humour

          and if there’s any free love around Broadsheet tis for the Social Democrates
          from what I can see anyway
          I was – for a while anyway – the only one touting for a SF Government
          And that’s from back in the day

  4. A Person

    Rubbish, why not report on the shinners not paying rent in Clare – TO A CHARITY? The mob support to a killer of a journo in Derry? Ah sure, killing and not paying your way is ok, as long as you are a shinner.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      because that story is in the mainstream media

      what’s the point in replicating what’s in the Irish independent?

  5. Joe Small

    SF don’t have enough TDs to implement a radical left change agenda so they want FF, a centre right party, to facilitate them in forming a government to implement their radical left agenda. There might be a problem with that.

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