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  1. Steph Pinker

    I’ve never watched Love Island, but I find the attention given to Caroline Flack’s death reprehensible; can’t she be afforded some privacy in death? What motivates people to publish, subscribe or buy a newspaper which endorses personal misery so others can feel self righteous? Being in the public eye is like a blood sport for some and fair game for others, either way, it’s predatory.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      As the reliably twatish but accurate Charger Salmons sez…

      “Imagine anyone wanting to run a newspaper as a money making exercise …”

      They don’t care who they lie about, hurt, maim or ultimately kill. All that matters it what sells.

    2. Charger Salmons

      Good Lord, now I read that clown Phillip Schofield has been blubbing away while emoting about Ms Flack on some show called Stars Dancing on Ice.
      He’s only just dried his tears after ” bravely ” coming out as a gayer last week.
      For those whining about the role of the media in the unfortunate Ms Flack’s suicide from what I read over the weekend she was more worried about police body-cam footage emerging at her trial than a few bad headlines in the red tops which she assiduously courted while alive.
      A trial where she was being prosecuted for lamping her sleeping partner so severely in the head it could have caused permanent brain damage.
      Seems to me if you’re happy to earn your corn based on garnering as much publicity in the press as you can then you can’t complain when it turns round and bites you in the ass.
      It’s not a tap you can turn on or off at will.
      True stars, the ones always in the public eye and not some two-bob bimbo on a down-market TV programme, understand the rules of the game.
      Sir Nigel of Farage probably receives more opprobrium from the British media than any other politician apart from Boris.
      Yet both earn handsome incomes from that very same media and they take the rough with the smooth.
      Man up people and grow a pair.

      1. millie vanilly strikes again

        You’re trying to hard. The strain is starting to show, Charger dear.

        You are much funnier when the effort isn’t on show.

    3. Spaghetti Hoop

      It is the TV reality shows themselves that are predatory and damaging, with the UK tabloids feeding off, and creating gossip as profitable merchandise. Shows like these feed off vulnerable fame-seekers; raising them up to a height of publicity and exposure – from where the sharp drop is the most damaging. The third suicide apparently in 20 months of the show, and there are full-time counsellors on-set during the show’s production – which says it all. Axe them all I say – they are toxic.

    4. Tringo

      Terrible she took her life and the sad thing is they are now coming Out of the woodwork
      A circus of attention Seeking is now under way

      Maybe the subject which led to her death should be blocked so they cannot use her for fame and fortune

      It’s stomach churning poor girl

  2. Redbeard

    Given the rôle the Daily Heil has played in Sasamach, we must be alert to similar attempts to interfere in our democratic process by the Murdoch media machine.

    The “huge majority” gave their opinions at polling stations last week, and “get on with it” wasn’t on any voting slip.

    GTFO with your soundbite slogans. They might fool the average Colin Browning in Brexitshire, but you’re wasting ink in trying to pull that crap with the Irish.

    1. Redbeard

      Memo to self: Don’t post before caffeine levels are normalised.

      Daily Mail belongs to DMG Media, chaired by Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, renowned for his avid interest in Irish affairs.

      Murdoch publishes an entirely different set of tabloid rags.

      1. Andrew

        It’s laughable that someone feels patriotic over newspapers in this country. How well have the Irish Independent or Irish Times served the democratic process over the years? Questioned the property bubble rather than fuel it? Really scrutinised politicians?
        ‘Journalists’ writing memoirs for politicians, hanging out for an advisor gig at €100k a year?
        The Sunday Times in Ireland is one of the very few papers that puts money in to investigative journalism how does that fit with your anti-British narrative?
        Probably no surprise we see so much of this kind of drivel given the nationalistic nonsense being spouted by the liker of Fintan O’Toole and indeed Varadkar over the last few years.

          1. Andrew

            Projecting what exactly? You can’t stand over your little rant over the quality or otherwise of a newspaper. You framed it in anti-British rhetoric. I’m laughing at your rationale or lack thereof. That’s all.

    2. Tringo

      god I have heard it all
      Brexit and the mail
      I suppose Boris is at fault
      I suppose Boris was trying to divert the flack he was getting

  3. Charger Salmons

    After a circuit of the Daytona 500 circuit in the presidential limo, The Beast, Donald Trump also decided to buzz the track in Air Force One.
    Trump has been campaigning for a 2nd term since the moment he was elected four years ago while the Democrats continue to bicker over which rich elderly white man will be challenging him in 9 months time.
    Politics 101.

  4. Rob_G

    85% of voters say that they want a FG/FF coalition instead of a new election; it’s actually making me teary-eyed thinking on the selflessness of FF & FG, putting aside their differences to give the country another 5 years of strong and stable leadership – with a dab of the greens, who will now hopefully have enough nous to get some more of their programme implemented – more provisions for cycling infrastructure, reduce the suckler herd, extra carbon taxes – what a great day :)))

      1. bisted

        …think that might turn out to be a RobC poll…however, it does have a ring of truth to it…maybe if he substituted ‘merger’ for coalition between FFG…and a drab of greens…

        1. Rob_G

          That was a nice play on words, bisted :)

          Here is a RobC poll:

          “Will Rob and bisted be bist pals?”

          – like for ‘affirmative’, comment for ‘yes’

          1. bisted

            …of course Bog_R…I know how much you enjoy our jousting!

            Ps…some of my best friends are blueshirts…
            Pps…sorry to see your colon problem has returned…

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