Meanwhile, In Ballycotton



Off Ballycotton, Co Cork.

Áine Flynn tweetz:

“A present from Storm Dennis. One of many ghost ships that are sailing around the world. She is one of Davy Jones since 2018. The Alta. Last known sighting off the coast of Africa in 2019. Final resting place Ballyandreen, Ballycotton, East Cork.”


Storm Dennis washes abandoned ‘ghost ship’ onto rocks off Co Cork (Barry Roche, The Irish Times)

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6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ballycotton

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Yikes. I hope she doesn’t start breaking up and/or leaking fuel. Lot of protected wildlife around that coast. Letting her drift for 18 months was a bit irresponsible, but hey, ocean trash.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I have never understood why they are left drift, or at least not tagged with a GPS tracker and monitored. Or, as in a case a year or two back, scuttled in deep sea. Possibly something to do with ownership rights and the “Law of the Sea”, or some such.

      There seems to be a couple of dozen known cases, not counting the small North Korean fishing ships that sadly end up in Japan with their crew’s bodies aboard.

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