Room For Small Ones


Sinn Féin’s negotiating team, top from left Pearse Doherty, Eoin Ó Broin, Matt Carthy and Louise O’ Reilly at Government Buildings, Merrion Street, Dublin 2 yesterday

This morning.


Pearse Doherty, Sinn Féin’s Finance Spokesperson, is adamant a coalition with Independents and smaller parties is possible.

“We’re not naive in this, there is obviously issues which need to be thrashed out with the party but what needs to happen is real, proper engagement,” said Mr Doherty.

“That is what Sinn Féin have been doing. That is why we hit the ground running last week with initial contacts with those parties.

We want to tease out with them their appetite for really delivering on what the voters gave us and that was a clear direction that they wanted these big issues of health and housing and others resolved.

“So that is our first port of call.”

Doherty adamant coalition with smaller parties is possible as talks intensify (Breakingnews)

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32 thoughts on “Room For Small Ones

    1. Jeffrey

      lol you want to list all the FG / FF incidents/gaffs/circus numbers maybe? Ya big clown. Back in your box.

        1. yupyup

          I’m not side stepping anything, I just hate The Sun.

          We’ll see how that plays out. People in public office do need to be held to account for their actions, whatever their shade.

    2. A Person

      Shush, you cannot criticise the shinners on here. You will be attacked and abused. They will rake over every post you made, and mis-report it. Any criticism means you are FFG or from the main stream media, and therefore out to get them. Don’t, whatever you do, ask them any questions (eg re funding, criminal links, why so much of a toxic presence on social media etc.) as they will refuse answer, as you are a FGG shill.

          1. A Person

            Nope just shinners like you and the other key broad warriors you have hired to try an intimate anyone with a consenting voice.

          2. A Person

            Where are the answers to the questions? Come on bully boy? Are you on the early shift today after the later shift yesterday? Who evicted the people in Strokestown. Who was convicted of smuggling in Armagh by the name of Murphy, former head of your group. Who beat a 21 year old to death by the name of Quinn. Who beat Lunny to within an inch of his life. Let me guess,….I cannot question these questions as I am only paid to bully people.

          3. Pat Mustard

            The people in Strokestown were evicted by loyalists brought down by FFG appointee, and MI5 loyalist trickster Drew Harris.

            The people involved in the Essex people smuggling ring were named Harrison and Robinson and were loyalist DUP supporters.

            The killers of Paul Quinn are unknown, however the investigation was covered up by loyalist trickster and FFG appointee Drew MI5 Harris.

            As I’ve said before, you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about and freely chuck around smears you can’t substantiate.

            A biased Person.

        1. A Person

          The one person in Strokestown did not pay their VAT bill and was attempted to be evicted. Suddenly it the was MI5 that were involved…? Seriously, that’s your defence. Don’t tell me he was one of yours? I don’t give a toss who tried to evict them, but I still assert people must pay their debts. How will you guys pay for the lowering of the tax band if people don’t pay tax … oh wait.. you don’t. The smuggling ring in the north are all a partnership, between former “enemies”, nothing to do with the M15, ffs (ask slab). Everyone knows who killed Quinn. A 21 year old. How can you attempt to deflect that.
          You never referred to Lunney or Slab. Who the eff is biased? Tell the bearded ones in your head office bullying on social media does not always work.

          1. Pat Mustard

            Doesn’t take much to confuse you..

            The family were evicted by loyalists brought down by the Gardai (Drew MI5 Harris) and KBC.

            The people responsible for the QIH affair have yet to be arrested, yet you claimed they were Republican. You cannot substantiate that so it’s a baseless smear.

            The Quinn murder has yet to be solved. Yet you seem to know who the murderer is. Why haven’t Drew MI5 Harris run PSNI arrested anyone for it. Perhaps you should lead the investigation. Have you evidence? Nope.. So your just lobbing baseless smears around because your bias and you don’t care what the truth is.

            The Essex people smuggling ring was run by DUP LOYALISTS, not republicans as you have naively claimed.

            Taking the above into account, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call you either a charlatan or A very biased Person.

          2. 01101101 01100011

            Hi Pat

            what makes me LOL the most is that A Person there and others believe that any of this, I repeat, any of this matters to myself or indeed any of my fellow voters.

            this distraction claptrap doesn’t give us improved access to housing, hospitals or put food on the table. and we will vote again in the exact same way next week if it’s offered to us, ABFFG!!!

            not one whit of twitter this, shady character that or MI5 the other will alter our resolve. we. don’t. fupping. care. and carrying on with this line of thinking shows just how deaf ye are again and again.

            A Person – short of SF directly initialising a 50 Megaton thermonuclear device in Dublin city centre sat atop a pile of 1,000 x 6 month old babies in their prams tomorrow on live TV will that change.

            I have yet to hear anyone from FFG apologise for anything.
            I have yet to hear anyone from FFG even venture so much as a floating idea on how possibly the disaster that is housing could be solved.

            so please. stop with the bs FFG pixieheads. we see thru it. nobody cares. if you want to turn any heads in your direction apologise to the people you actually work for and start proposing solutions!

          3. A Person

            You don’t get it do you? Of course I am biased. I am biased against the shiners for all the reasons outlined above. But you won 30 sits, everything else can be brushed under the carpet. Any links to crimes are MI5 only. There is no evidence that we are killers, so move on. The slabs, the killings, the punishment beatings because you crossed the wrong provo. The missing dead, Nothing to do with us, move on. Now instead its an online bulling campaign. If you criticise us, we we review your online history and personally attack you.

          4. A Person

            As for “A Person there”, another nordy ascent. No response as to why the Rossie did not pay his VAT or whether he was one of yours?

      1. Jeffrey

        Oh I think you can and its done regularly but with BS like this? Please… Someone ,ust have had a phone call with BoJo and was given advice on stuff that worked against Labour :D

        1. Clampers Outside

          Labour UK killed themselves off, and from what can be seen to be happening over there right now… that implosion is getting bigger and dafter every day… like a box of frogs.

  1. Miss Carroll

    This lot are gonna be worse than UKIP with the dodgy tweets and skeletons. Not sure about those jeans either.

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