Dessie O’Malley in 1985

This Day In Irish History tweetz:

This day 35 years ago – 20 February 1985 – Des O’Malley refused to vote against a bill to allow the selling of condoms, despite Fianna Fáil leader Charles Haughey’s instructing deputies to do so.

He said, “I stand by the Republic and accordingly I will not oppose this bill.”

Family Planning Bill Permits Sale Of Condoms (RTÉ Archive)

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5 thoughts on “Come The Hour

  1. Lilly

    Go Dessie! Is he still alive? Haughey was such an odd bod really. Saw himself as urbane, but was a Christian Brother at heart.

    1. Anthony Sheridan

      ”Odd bod”…???? He was a criminal politician that did massive damage to Ireland and its people. He infected the body politic with the disease of corruption. The current state of the country, people forced to live on the street, children eating off the street, people dying in corridors of hospitals and so on…all began when this gangster came to power…He was a greedy, corrupt, self-serving gangster and the political leaders who came after him FF/FG have carried on his disgusting legacy….that’s why the people have rejected them and will continue to reject them until….one day, we may have an accountable, corruption free democracy.

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