Was It For This?


Comedian Joanne McNally tweetz:

“Reading an article in The Guardian about tourism in Essex. Not sure why the journo assumes the Irish tourists have never been out of Ireland before. We’re no longer reliant on an annual coffin ship to the Americas to get out and about.”


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6 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. The Old Boy

    The journalist is quoting a former cabbie turned film-maker. Mr Fleming describes himself on Linkedin thus:

    “I’m bone-idle, argumentative, annoying, puerile and likely to do the barest minimum work to not get fired. I’ll turn up late, take massively long lunch breaks and go home early. And you can forget about working weekends- I’ll be in the pub.”

  2. V

    Do the Guardian not know Ford’s brought Paddys over in their 0000s to get the Dagenham works on line

    Majority from their original Cork plant

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