Not A Great Sign



Maccers writes:

Spotted this on Camden Street [Dublin 2] last night; it replaced the normal neon orange one so these might be replacing existing ones in Dublin?

Less light pollution on the street, OK, but impossible to read if you are more than 3 foot from it especially in the twilight.

Don’t know what it does after dark.

Not sure I like it, but hey, I don’t like change anyway so I’m a bad judge.


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22 thoughts on “Not A Great Sign

  1. jockey

    If they spent more time and money improving the realtime tracking of their buses and less time and money dilly dallying with all this carry on I might have an ounce of respect for them. No point in having a sign with unreliable information.

  2. AFoxIndeed

    one on the otherside of the street too, impossible to read, but sure it’s Dublin bus, it’s all make believe times anyway.

    1. DeSelby

      It’s not Dublin Bus, It’s the NTA / Transport for Ireland. You can contact them here: (Brand new site. Advertised everywhere this week… doesn’t work)

      Or on one of their FIVE (non-integrated) apps.

      Leap Top-Up App
      Journey Planner App
      Real Time App
      Driver Check App
      Cycle Planner App
      I may have forgotten a site or app, but you get the idea.

  3. Tarfton Clax

    It’s worse than that as the info is only available on one side, so if you are legging it up the road hoping to catch a bus you have no idea if one is due or not. And it is to dull to see from the side that does display. I’d say it’s got to be against accessibility legislation. It is a disaster. Bring back the Bigger, brighter, two-sided sign.

    1. george

      If you’re running and you can see the bus stop but not a bus then stop running.
      Running and looking for the sign is not something that happens in real life.

  4. Madam X

    Phantom buses where their responder doesnt work would be more of a priority I would say. For elderly people good signage is important . if it’s not good there will be a lot of complaints

  5. Smiler durden

    There is a button to press for spoken bus times for vision impaired people.

    The times are hard to read in the dark, and only on one on side as people have mentioned. Go back to the old ones.

    And the sign has been up for a few weeks too, one around at the airport bus stop too.

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