Tonight Of All Nights, There’s Gonna Be A Fight


The votes are in.

Last week, with two tickets to the WORLD premiere screening of the new Boomtown Rats documentary in Dublin’s Cineworld on Parnell Street, Dublin 1 on March 3 on offer, I asked you to name you favourite Rat (or Geldof solo) track.

You answered in your tens.

In fact, so strong were the entries I am giving two extra tickets to a joint winner.

Third Place:

Banana Republic by The Boomtown Rats

Rosette of Sirius writes:

 I could say that like it because It was also written by Pete Briquette. Clearly his nickname was the funniest and coolest from back then. But no. Or I could say I like it for its acerbic portrait of the Ireland we grew up in. But no. I like it because of the change in style from the punky new wave sound of their previous records to the emerging ska and reggae sound from the early 1980s.

Joint Winner:

When The Night Comes by The Boomtown Rats

Scottser writes:

When the night comes, the last track on the Fine Art of Surfacing. It’s that album’s Rat tTap – long, complex and multi layered. It’s a song about the prison-like routine of 9-5 living delivered in frenetic and dynamic style. Check out the guitar break, where Spanish and electric guitar play out a cool little dance – it blew my 12 year old mind when I heard it first.

By the way, my first gig was seeing the Rats in Leixlip (1980). I’ve also owned The Fine Art Of Surfacing on every single medium, even Mini Disc FFS. And today is my birthday. Seriously.

Joint Winner:

This Is The World Calling by Bob Geldof

Seamus Hogan writes:

My dad had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer It was constantly on the radio here in Ireland, those very poignant lyrics…. ‘Close your eyes and sleep tonight’. Still give me chills even after all these year’s thank you Bob for helping me through a tuff tuff time.

Thanks all.

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6 thoughts on “Tonight Of All Nights, There’s Gonna Be A Fight

  1. class wario

    It’s weird how little cultural capital the Boomtown Rats seem to hold nowadays. Obviously likely to change with this new album due to come out but I’ve felt this has been the case for 10-20 years at least. It’s like the spectre of Geldof and his general celebrity has totally engulfed and outstripped everything about them.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I think it’s Sir Bob-led. He reformed the Rats for an Isle of Wight fest a few years ago when there was an appetite for a post-punk/new wave revival of early 80s bands. Couldn’t sing then either. Basically, Bob is there if a few bob is to be made.

  2. Tarfton Clax

    For those of us at an age who were just too young for Rory at his Prime, or Lizzy at their Pomp, the Rats were great. The first few albums were cool. “Mary of the 4th Form”? “Diamond Smiles” “Someone’s looking’ at ya” and Joey’s on the Street again…

    The memories………

  3. Formerly Known As

    I recommend ‘the roads of Germany’. Great song. Bob lost me when campaigned against Scottish independence. He benefited from being born in an independent state but tells Scots they are better ruled from London.

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