‘Everyone Who Needs To Be Contacted Has Been Contacted’


Top from left: Dr John Cuddihy, Director of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre; Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health; and Dr Ronan Glynn, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health at the Department of health, Baggot Street, Dublin 2

This morning.


Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan told RTÉ News that the individual [who travelled through Dublin Airport on her way home to Northern Ireland from northern Italy]. who was infected came forward and followed the instructions given by health authorities.

The individual followed advice in reporting concerns to a GP and “self isolated” at home whilst awaiting the results of testing.

He said the HSE was contacting people who sat within two rows of the person on the plane and any staff who had direct contact with the woman.


All those in close contact with Covid-19 patient ‘notified (RTÉ)

Last night: Everybody Stay Cool


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42 thoughts on “‘Everyone Who Needs To Be Contacted Has Been Contacted’

      1. pedeyw

        The mortality rate is sitting around 1-3% which is in line with most flu and way less than Spanish flu. Around 80% of people infected only suffer minor symptoms. There’s even some suspicion that it’s a lot more widespread than originally thought because most probably assumed they had a cold or were asymptomatic.

    1. some old queen

      The US is especially concerned about this thing because their health service is so heavily privatised. Hundreds of thousands of people go bankrupt every year because of illness so some people will not seek even a test. Imagine this getting into the homeless population of San Francisco? It would spread like wildfire.

      The only real hope is that it adheres to the rules of influenza and doesn’t like hot weather so tapers off in April, although that deadline is only for Europe.

    2. Andrew

      @Wells If you are elderly or have cystic fibrosis for example, you wouldn’t be so casual with your comments.
      Typical I’m alright jack mentality. can’t see outside your own little world.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    It would have been courteous and respectful to wish the woman a full recovery within this statement! Lovin’ the drama these lads. When it all blows over they’ll give each other awards for crisis-management.

    1. Andrew

      I doubt they’re loving the drama at all. I’d say they’re bricking it because eventually their incompetence and the true state of our health service, will be held up to scrutiny by more than just our own timid, media class.
      For a supposed ‘wealthy’ country the disgrace of our health service will be exposed to all.
      Our HSE gets more funding per capita than most countries but it’s treated as an ATM by those who work in it, so it will never improve. If you doubled the budget it won’t make a difference without reform and no government seems prepared to do that.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        there are too many in management basically, so I’m told from the inside, it’s too top heavy

        1. Andrew

          That is my understanding too Janet. Lots of six figure salary earners that would struggle to justify their existence elsewhere. It’s theft as far as I’m concerned. Morally reprehensible what is going on.

  2. 01101101 01100011

    Simon Harris doing his best but kinda having a mare on R1 right now, coming across fairly evasive

    panic in 5,4,3…..can’t finish that I’m off to the supermar

    1. Andrew

      We need a list system in this country. Media studies graduates should NOT be in charge of a multi billion euro budgeted department.

        1. newsjustin

          It is a wry look at the speed of response to provide resources and budget for abortion (from the budget supposed to implement The National Maternity Strategy no less) compared to other priorities in the health system.

      1. Wells


        Good idea. Let’s abort everyone who knows someone who may have been in contact with someone who might test positive for a virus called Corona.

  3. Pip

    Most influenza outbreaks disproportionately kill the very young and the very old, with a higher survival rate for those in-between. However, the Spanish flu pandemic resulted in a higher than expected mortality rate for young adults. This from that Wikipedia link.

  4. SB

    “within two rows of the person on the plane”…surely the air recirculation may have transmitted it to anyone on the plane? How did such a high proportion (26%) of the passengers on the Diamond Princess get infected – surely through the air con? That or via the staff anyway

      1. some old queen

        I expect that the knowledge, particularly on transmission, is a lot better now than then so what was a worst case quarantine scenario situation then may not apply now?

        1. Cian

          I dunno. Do you?

          But with most things – the longer (or more frequently) you are exposed the higher the likelihood you will get infected.

  5. Madam X

    The incompetence is obvious. On Morning Ireland a lady “expert” said all contacts had been traced over night. They also said the lady used public transport from Dublin to Belfast. How can you trace those who pay cash on train or bus. ? Booking online they have your e mail. Thats a porky for a start.

    1. some old queen

      She may have traveled first class on the Enterprise in which case that would be relatively easy as it is only one carriage and most of those seats are normally not occupied.

      Close contact is defined as being within 2 m for a period of over 15 minutes which would have not been the case in Enterprise first class and air borne transmission is mainly by coughing so- assuming she had no symptoms while travelling, the over all risk would be regarded as low.

      1. ReproBertie

        “The NI Public Health Agency said it was confident the risk to the wider public was low because the patient self-isolated and contacted her doctor as soon as she displayed symptoms associated with the virus.”

        From that it doesn’t sound like she was symptomatic when travelling. She was also travelling with a child who is not showing any symptoms.

  6. Truth in the News

    The infected individual embarked on a flight that originated with passengers from
    Italy, where did it fly from, who was on the plane,have they being traced, whether
    its liked or not, a more effective screening process is needed at all ports of entry
    it now appears that there is no effective procedure to quarantine infected individuals
    Its also appears that the Government is at present on auto pilot and needs to get
    grip on doing their job they are paid to do irrespective of what happened on the 8 th
    February or else resign

    1. ReproBertie

      The government should resign. Hilarious. Have you not noticed how we’re trying to arrange a new government?

  7. Charger Salmons

    As usual the EU is treating the virus spread with typical complaceny.
    There are now 650 people in Italy who have caught coronavirus – its borders should be sealed immediately as was the case in China.
    But by the time the EU gets round to doing this it will be too late.
    Italian PM Giuseppe Conte gave the game away in an answer during his bilateral with Emmanuel Macron yesterday: once you close the border, it is not going to re-open any time soon.
    The priorities are to avoid the cost and inconvenience of border closure and the political inference such an action would bring.
    The EU’s action or more accurately inaction will cost countless lives

    1. ReproBertie

      The UK is no longer part of the EU. They have almost 19 cases. They haven’t closed their borders.

      The US, not a part of the EU, has 60 cases. They haven’t closed their borders. Canada 14 cases, Australia 23 cases, Switzerland 8 cases, Thailand 40 cases, South Korea 2,022 cases. No borders closed but tell me again how the EU is to blame.

  8. Matt Pilates

    I agree that any comment offered should be prefaced with empathy for the woman and anyone infected/affected. Hope they are well.

    That said, if you believe that COVID-19 is not already incubating in the Republic of Ireland through leisure, business, and student travel and contact, then you need your head examiner. This cover-up is to mask the reality- all about fears of losing a few quid in the overpriced tourist, overseas education and entertainment/sports sectors and putting the brakes on hotel and student construction.

    The prime source of infection is going to be students and gig economy workers IMO.

    See any Chinese students on the street lately in Dublin? No.

    Ignore the advice to stay calm and stock up on Pot Noodles and water now!

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