Conor O’Carroll writes:

Shot in the dark here but my gym bag was stolen today around Leeson Street [Dublin 2] area.

It’s a grey Under Armour backpack (as above_. No CCTV in the gym where it was taken from so I’ve no idea who took it, only that it happened between 7:45-8:30 this morning.

In the bag were two pieces of jewellery: One a silver chain bearing the name ‘Declan’ and the other a gold ring with my family crest (above) on it.

The chain belonged to my Uncle who died 20+ years ago, the ring was a present from my parents. Both have huge sentimental value and simply can’t be replaced. My black secrid wallet and watch were in there too but I can replace those, the jewellery can’t be.

Any help appreciated as I’m absolutely gutted about this.


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