A Pint Of Plain



St James’s Gate, Dublin.

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Pictured HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and HRH Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge at the Guinness Brewery, on their Royal Visit to Ireland.

Murphy’s it is so.


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Sam Boal/RollingNews

22 thoughts on “A Pint Of Plain

  1. Charger Salmons

    Diageo PR department in overdrive for the money shot.
    He won’t fall for it though.

  2. V

    Now I’d go for that frock
    Maybe I’d have that bitta frill changed out alright
    But that’s a smashing rog out

      1. Lilly

        Could she not borrow a stylist from Mad Men? Plenty of green dresses featured, stylish in both shade and cut. These confections make her look like an overgrown frog.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            so that’s a yes for the heel, never worry about being tall ladies, it’s erotic :)

  3. Kingfisher

    If they’re going to wheel every celeb up to an alcohol company, what about bringing them to an Irish-owned one?Maybe one of the microbreweries?

  4. some old queen

    Well, Diageo is a British company after all.

    The biggest land hoarder in Dublin cc of course.

    1. Rob_G


      We don’t bring visiting dignitaries to visit a successful bookies or a thriving cigarette wholesalers; I don’t think that every single last one of them needs to be brought to visit a (British-owned, giant mega-global, corporate) brewery.

      1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

        Could have taken them down the road to see a drugs gun-battle..
        or to BoI College Green after dark to see 5 year olds eating soup on cardboard.

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      +1 encouraging an unhelpful, unflattering image it would be nice to move away from

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