6 thoughts on “Get Yourself Connected

  1. LuvinLunch

    Kevin Baker is incredible… really disappointed about Thomas Street.. will submit complaints

  2. H

    They wrecked town and now they want to ruin the suburbs. Why can’t they build an underground railway again?

    1. Dyalikedags

      Again? Because they’re smashed. The spend on bus connects is a pittance vs building underground. Vested interests such as conor faughnan in the AA keeps saying the government needs to invest in public transport, then poo poo’s anything that’s not an underground metro system. Fact is dublin isn’t going to build much underground when they know long term that car dependency will reduce massively with the uptake of micro mobility leaving more above ground space for public transport.

  3. max

    I give it about 2 days till someone lodges an objection to those cycle paths cause of all the trees that will need to come down

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