Meanwhile, In Galway [Updated]


This afternoon.

Salthill Knockncarra GAA Club, Galway.

Niall Carson Rollingnews/POOL


This morning.

Galway city.

Tig Coili?


Ah here.

PhotoShop Street, Galway.

Via Victoria Murphy



This morning.

Galway Airport.

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Galway for the third and final day of their Royal visit to Ireland.

Pic Via An Garda Shiochana

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22 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Galway [Updated]

  1. scottser

    thank god it’s their last day.
    i expect broadsheet towers is full of butcher’s aprons and willkate mugs. now we know what ye do during ‘housekeeping’ time lads..

  2. Kate

    Irish eyes are smiling and beamed throughout the world at a warm welcome to William and Kate. A lovely success.

  3. Clampers Outside

    Why bring ’em in to one of the darkest pubs in the city on a bright day….

    Tigh Neachtains would be a better choice imo

  4. some old queen

    Just wondering what all this soft propaganda is for- connected to Brexit obviously.

      1. V

        My favourite colour (◠‿◕)

        Although paired with those black pants would make her a Down Supporter

        Which is grand
        Since our last Sam was at their expense

  5. GiggidyGoo

    The Bean Savage has been quiet the past two days. Ironing his union jocks no doubt.

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