A Limerick A Day


US Democrat Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has abandoned her bid for The White House

It’s that bit in the primaries when
A candidate drops out again
But the thing about Liz
And her absence is
We’re getting four more years of men

John Moynes


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21 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

          1. ReproBertie

            “The Climate Change agenda is frustratingly anti-science.”

            Oh, this should be good.

  1. Nullzero

    As soon as America has a female president all wars will end, poverty and suffering with it and everyone will live in harmony…

    1. V

      Ah p1ßß off


      At least let us try and get people used to the idea of a Woman in the Oval Office
      Or even in the Dept of an Taoiseach

      Is that so hard for some of ye?
      Like I’m not saying the contenders out there at the moment are all that more qualified than any of the others
      But at least give us the opportunity to play under the same rules and conditions as the lads without mocking us

          1. bisted

            …I firmly believe the world is a safer place than it would have been without crooked Hillary…and Maggie Thatcher would give Cromwell a run for infamy…power tends to corrupt-regardless of gender…

          1. V

            They do

            But that’s not what NulZ was doing

            by posting that all it would take to end poverty, wars and whatever yer having yerselves would be to give the gig to a woman, any woman, is taking the p155

            and that’s insulting to everyone

            the ability to be a World Class Leader has nothing to do with where anyone is on the gender spectrum

            However clearly the opportunity to Lead is

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