Small Gathering


This morning.

Government Buildings, Merrion Street, Dublin 2

Arriving for a coronavirus crisis meeting were from top: Ian Talbot, Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland; General Secretary of ICTU Patricia King; Director General Construction Federation Tom Parlon and Chief Executive of IBEC Danny McCoy.


Employers’ body Ibec has urged the Government to introduce an emergency social welfare payment from the first day of absence for a period of two weeks to address difficulties arising from the Covid-19 virus.Coronasummit

Under current social protection rules, workers who fall ill or self-isolate on medical advice may be entitled to Illness Benefit subject to having enough PRSI contributions.

Ibec calls for new emergency social insurance measures to support workers hit by Covid-19 (RTÉ)


14 thoughts on “Small Gathering

  1. italia'90

    And an emergency Wealth Tax to pay for it, no?
    or Sick Day entitlements, no?
    Doctors cert – €60
    Return to work cert – €60

  2. V

    And who’s the Acting Minister for Social Welfare

    Like Regina wasn’t even returned by her own Constituency

    So who the suck is in charge

    1. Cian

      She is still Minister.
      I’m not sure how the payment works – if she gets the Ministerial ‘top-up’ part of her pay – but not the TD basic.

      1. V

        Jesus Christ
        Would you ever cop on to yourself

        I know she’s still a Minister, albeit in an Acting Capacity

        I care about her being permitted to continue – particularly at this significant meeting, to act as Minister

        Because the few quid she squeezes out for her grubby useful self, between now and her replacement’s conformation
        Will be the least of her self interest
        And the damage

        Feic knows what she’s going to promise and sign off at IBECs request
        And then head off leavit the damage behind hee

        Oh for want of a Strategic Communications Unit Cian

    2. gringo

      These beauties here are in charge. These are some of the shadowy figures who control FFG.

  3. broadbag

    People certainly won’t take the mickey if this comes in, I trust my fellow citizens to be honest and above board and not see it as 2 weeks free holidays.

  4. curmudgeon

    Breaking news: Employers dont want to pay sick pay. Lobby govt to have tax payers use taxes to pay it instead.

    1. V

      Exactly why it shouldn’t be Regina making the decisions in Social Welfare or even at Cabinet level
      she can do what she likes, and then eff off to her next gig, that’ll come handy enough now – if not even better, if she signs whatever IBEC and Co tell her to

      Whose exact interest is Regina Doherty going to prioritise here, and in the coming weeks?
      Whats best for the State
      Or her own

      Yeah, I actually don’t need the answer btw, but at least take the opportunity to have a go yerselves

      1. Cian

        You make it sound like there is one “correct” decision, and all the other decisions are “wrong”.

        There isn’t. Whatever decision that is made will have
        – negative repercussions for (some) low-paid workers
        – negative repercussions for (some) medium paid workers
        – negative repercussions for the exchequer
        – negative repercussions for (some) small businesses
        – negative repercussions for (some) medium businesses

  5. italia'90

    Ah stop it Leo
    The employers are looking for the hand out here but are dressing it up as
    a social welfare payment, so the zero hours contract and low paid workers
    and all those foreign students in hospitality and retail are able to buy a few bits
    and pay their bills at the end of the month

  6. gringo

    This is a prime example of why the FFG virus HAS to remain in power, with control/ownership of the public purse.These millionaire scroungers cannot survive and thrive without that lovely welfare loot.

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