20 thoughts on “Do It Yourself

  1. Not Gerry Adams

    surgical spirits is 70% alcohol.
    all the sources I’ve read recommend minimum 60% alcohol.
    you’ll have to nearly empty the bottle of lube (or use it up some other way) before you add the surgical spirits.
    surgical spirits are impossible to get in pharmacies now too.

    1. ____

      surgical spirits is 90+% alcohol, it’s pretty-much just methylated spirits with a little castor oil

          1. V

            A sore Mickie?

            Well I’m not going to lie
            There’s a few winkies about alright that could do with a dose

  2. Matt Pilates

    I made my own with isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel.

    Also doubles as a useful molotov cocktail when the balloon goes up.

        1. ____

          I’ve never found a chemists that sells it. They normally just give you a confused look and hand you surgical spirits.

          1. Matt Pilates


            More industrial than pharmaceutical. Asking for it in a pub doesn’t work either.

  3. dav

    Good idea. A builders dust mask with a drop of ether is a reasonable replacement for a N95 mask…..

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